How to make BaiDuSpider more love your search engine ranking experience

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then we look at the distribution of keywords. After expansion and keywords to determine the core keywords, we will get the relevant keywords dozens or even hundreds of. So, so many keywords, there would be more reasonable in what place "? We used to implement the main site of practice is mainly focused on the following areas: Title, meta," the title, text, pictures, "ALT notes at the bottom of the page text hyperlinks, which is associated with the industry website Links. read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng how to do well in the station optimization mechanism


cake is bigger and the reasonable distribution of it is also very important.

Said the keyword selection and arrangement of the Shanghai dragon

weight control: robots, nofollow, three sitemap, robots. The Robots file is the search engine to a site will look at first, it can tell the search engines what page can access what page can grab. Nofollow is the link instructions that tell the search engines don’t give him the link weight. Sitemap is the site map, open the door to tell the search engine I have these good website page crawl, you don’t have to find out. You can put the important page in sitemap, and regularly update sitemap. read more