power must be linked with responsibility.

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To its dismay, also announced his decision of switching loyalties to the BJP.He was elected to the Lok Sabha on a JD(S) ticket in 2004 but he switched loyalty to the Congress later The names of a dozen other Congress leaders who already have one tentative foot in the BJP are doing the rounds in Bengaluru By all indications this is just the beginning of what may turn into an exodus in the coming weeks and months But like in other states that went to polls it happens both ways in Karnataka Those disgruntled with other parties make a beeline for the BJP which they believe is the party of the future On its part the BJP also woos leaders handpicked to fortify the party where its weak Himanta Biswa Sarma turned the tables for BJP in Assam last year Not just that he is also the face ofthe party in the North East today and the party’s chiefMachiavelli there So will Krishna be Karnataka’s Sarmafor BJP Unlikely After successfully leading a faction-torn Congress to victory in Karnataka as the state president in 1999 when he was 67 years old Krishna took over as chief minister The party high command had no choice other than to give him the top job Krishna was not a game-changer but a good manager of things who excelled in maintaining status quo and peace in the Congress However it is tohis credit that of the 13 chief ministers Karnataka has seen after Ramakrishna Hegde he is the only one who successfully completed his full five-year term He could do that because as a gentleman-politician — if that sounds like an oxymoron it is — he had an equidistant position towards warring party leaders who were constantly ateach other’s throats After the 2004 general election he was made governor of Maharashtra and in 2009 External Affairs Minister in the Manmohan Singh government apost he held till 2012 "I worked for the Congress for 46 years" Krishna said after joining the BJP last week "They (high command) didn’t even ask me before removing me from the post of foreign minister" He wascompletely sidelined and ignored later During my numerous meetings with him when he was the Chief Minister of Karnataka Krishna struck me as a man uncomfortable with politics itself let alone the Congress (When I once asked him if the Congress would take credit for Bangalore becoming India’s IT capital he said only half in jest that the city saw the IT boom despite the Congress not because of it) Suave amiable and pleasant mannered though sometimes aloof he wore impeccable suits liked his tennis and he left nobody in doubt that he detested the rough and tumble of politics He is a politician of a different mould and the BJP knows that The BJP also knows that the fact that he is a Vokkaliga from Mandya in southern Karnataka does not automatically switch votes of his community to the saffron party from the Congress Having never indulged in the mean feudal cut-throat Vokkaliga politics of his district he isnot known to be a caste lord Instead he enjoys a fairly good image across Karnataka as a relatively scam-free elderly statesman The departure of a leader as experienced as Krishna will wreak damage on the Congress but in asubtle psychological way rather than in direct electoral terms His entry into the BJP is expected to prod many others to defect When the captain abandons a sinking ship only the diehard crew members stay behind Besides this will also lead to the perception that BJP is not dominated by the other leading caste of Lingayats to which state BJP president and chief minister aspirantBS Yeddyurappa belongs to The process of "political polarisation" a euphemism for defections has only just begun Pope Francis sits on board his Rome-bound plane after his visit to the US in Philadelphia on Sept 27 2015Charles Mostoller—ReutersThe Congress government in Karnataka has approved a seven-member committee’s recommendation to accord separate minority religion status to Lingayats This comes even as Rahul Gandhi is taking an approach of soft Hindutva to counter Narendra Modi Siddaramaiah is exploring home-grown solutions to ensure a Congress victory in the state The BJP is caught between its Hindu nationalist ideological moorings and the assertion of a non-Hindu identity by the Lingayats The community accounts for 17 percent of the state’s population and is a key support base of the BJP especially its strongman BS Yeddyurappa Unlike in Gujarat where the Congress primarily ran an anti-Modi campaign Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah has invented a new local political idiom to counter the aggressive BJP campaign The Congress fights the BJP’s aggressive nationalism with equally aggressive regional sub-nationalism epitomised by the state flag the river dispute etc Similarly the Congress is challenging BJP’s politico-religious Hindutva campaign with Lingayat identity politics The Karnataka government based its decision to accord minority status to the Lingayats on the recommendations of the Nagamohan committee under Section 2D of the state Minorities Commission Act With the state Cabinet approving the proposal it will now go to the Centre for final approval turning it into a test for the Modi government Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah with Lingayat seers Twitter/@CMofKarnataka Siddaramaiah appears to be countering the BJP in its own language Emotive religious issues are always high on the BJP’s poll agenda Its rivals always find it difficult to counter such a narrative However the Congress’ regional satrap in Karnataka could make the saffron brigade run for ideas and counter strategies The Congress has been backing the demand for recognising Lingayatism as a distinct religion Such a demand is completely unpalatable for the BJP a party which builds itself around Hindu nationalism Hinduism is an amorphous religion that assimilates in itself myriad schools and sects But such an explanation cannot convince those who feel that their creed is a religion on its own Lingayatism has had a split personality in the course of its evolution as it has imbibed several features of Hinduism while inheriting a rich legacy of progressive struggle against the caste system that plagues it For years now the community has been mainly rallying behind the BJP The party’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa though scam-tainted is considered a powerful Lingayat leader The Lingayats are not united on the issue However ground reports indicate that those who clamour for a separate religious identity constitute the major part of the community It appears that support for the cause is growing The BJP’s Hindi-Hindu image still impedes its prospects south of the Vindhyas Karnataka was the first state to break the ice However a series of corruption scandals has made the party eat humble pie The Dravidian movement made neighbouring Tamil Nadu a difficult terrain for the BJP Now the Lingayat movement for a separate religious identity has the potential to upset the BJP’s apple cart The BJP which is determined to come back to power by capitalising on possible anti-incumbency finds Lingayatism a hard nut to crack The Lingayats who want a separate religious identity quote the preachings of their icon Basava to defend their standpoint Basava the 12th century philosopher and social reformer repudiated Brahminical Hinduism and its caste system as also Vedic rituals and traditions that form the core of the Hindu religion Basava had said “The stories of divine birth are false The higher type of man is the man who knows himself” Strongly denouncing the caste system practiced in Hinduism he had further asked “Is there anyone in the world who was born through the ear Just like the outcast and the chandala the Brahmin too was born in a human womb” Nowhere else in India does the BJP face such complex social questions in order to challenge from Congress In Gujarat the Congress could make the BJP nervous by attempting a social engineering comprising of Dalits OBCs and Patels This has certainly benefited the Congress electorally although it could not attain power The BJP faces a much bigger political challenge emanating from social issues as Karnataka goes for polls Thus the Karnataka political idiom seems to be at variance today with what it was in the past making the contest much more keen and acrimonious but the fire took the life of 51-year-old Michael Jerome Downham.

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