news July 23rd, where the electricity supplier website today announced its latest development in flash mode options (i.e. flash sale mode) based APP — Application of "flash artifact" will be launched in July 28th. Since July 28th, all the major network Android market and where customers can provide download website application software. "Flash artifact" is where the second APP mobile e-commerce applications.

according to every guest, this APP to hundreds of brands, all sales of goods are special offer discount promotions, each product adopts pure flash sale mode, and all products have a strict time limit buy. In the domestic mobile e-commerce market, pure flash purchase, sale mall is still in its infancy, few large mature mobile flash shopping mall, where customers called "flash purchase artifact" on the line may to some extent fill the vacancy.

where the official revealed that the above where the mobile terminal sales accounted for 20% of total sales, the peak reached 30%, where the founder and CEO of old said, where the current mobile mall is moved from the PC end mobile terminal, mobile mall in the future should be the realization of a new online shopping mode, where the target is in the mobile terminal to establish a new model of mobile commerce.

where the wireless division responsible Yan Xiaodan said, in the mobile App conversion and single are significantly higher than that of traditional Web, electricity supplier in the future largely lies in the mobile Internet terminal. "Flash artifact" is a new attempt, we are willing to and more brands for mobile terminal cooperation. The responsible person also said, we will continue to strengthen the mobile terminal R & D capability, "flash artifact" is where the mobile phone business men to release a series of software and other related software will be released.

We will launch flash artifact APP involving hundreds of brands

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