the two electricity suppliers is difficult, facing the pressure of various factors such as industry rules, competitors and investors vicious competition, big bubble industry, which should be a healthy industry due to excessive competition to become one of the Red Sea, the influx of capital to the electricity supplier but also to the electricity supplier set threshold. But now the whole industry from the United States and Japan electricity suppliers, online sales has exceeded the size of the total retail store in Japan, even the vegetables online and offline food pattern, which shows the development direction of the global electricity supplier of the whole industry absolutely. Of course this with every country, culture, business environment has a great relationship, some people say that the electricity supplier in the future is the direct manufacturers, also said that the electricity supplier platform, to each vertical field in focus is the "0" and "1", but I personally think that the electricity supplier China for the next 3-5 years should be to provide a platform for Internet business services and traditional retail enterprises exist for the trend, the traditional retail business model needs, but also need the help of a professional business platform to provide services, such as: product supply chain, product convergence speed, inventory turnover rate, pricing systems, sales channels and customer experience, customer service service etc.. In short, in the Chinese electricity supplier in the future will develop well (at least in the next 3-5 years will be formed now Japan’s current situation), formed a platform to provide a full range of services and industry trends, but in the process of development of the 3-5 in the electronic business platform and how the Condor, this is what I want to focus on the content.

The development of a trend which cannot be halted

electricity supplier, for the first thing, people do things right, the key to see the way, the development of not only depends on the electricity supplier to entrepreneurs or engage in business friends, this should be a national campaign, the government needs to put in favor of electric business development policies, such as to create a good market environment, create a suitable business environment, promote the development of global electricity supplier, electricity supplier to establish the principle of consistency, guide the electricity consumption culture. Abandon the objective policy, national conditions, business environment, the electricity supplier companies and most high-tech enterprises, talent is the core competitiveness. I personally think that a business enterprise should require all aspects of personnel, whether it is business or the development of business enterprise, the team must have the following capabilities: marketing planning, product development, customer demand research, research on the user experience, user behavior analysis, data analysis, market research, logistics management, administration, finance, legal management, public relations, etc.. Small when a person can have a plurality of functions, the time can be 1 or more people function function, from the platform, release, operation, construction, supply chain management, and then to the user service experience promotion etc..

Internet companies in the right direction is the pursuit of speed, speed is the magic weapon for Internet companies. Speed must be team collaboration and development speed, so I suggest that all the time in the development of the Internet project to implement agile development, at the time of the meeting to implement the standing conference, the first time to give feedback to the product manager when the user and market research, and found the whole supply chain.

Electricity supplier virtuous cycle at least 3 5 years