group purchase is a kind of new marketing mode in the rise of e-commerce in recent years, the website by none other businesses, the introduction of a group of customers, earn a commission of. Buy a few years ago for the Chinese people is still a strange term, which originated from the United States to buy website Groupon. Groupon from November 2008 on the line every day in a city launched a single product, through a larger discount price to attract Internet users to buy the consumer, buy objects involving food, beauty, fitness and film services.

one to many new marketing model

and the previous one to one e-commerce marketing model is not the same, the network is used to buy more than one marketing model, this new model has become a favorite of many people. When a business can deal with more than one customer at the same time, this model has a huge attraction for businesses, but this effect is also the pros and cons coexist. For a business deserted businesses, can suddenly have a large number of customers, although he reduced the discount, but still profitable. Moreover, there will always be a large number of customers in the repeat customers, these customers may return to become a stable business customers. At the same time, you can also through the site’s publicity, a large number of customers to patronize, to bring free publicity to businesses, can bring so many benefits, so that the site can find a number of business partners. But for those who have already hot business is not. Already the store business has been very good, in order to better promote and bring more tourists and site, resulting in the number of customers too much, services are not in place, leading to the customer to store a poor impression, brings some negative effects. The customer, had to enjoy the mood to enjoy the service experience to buy, but suffered a discount service, no doubt to the hearts of customers also left a shadow.

high quality, low price is ace

is a set of 1000 yuan of Lancome skin care products, you are not tempted to start only on weekdays, but when it at a discount to 200 yuan, you can resist the temptation? For the high quality and inexpensive things, one can hardly resist the temptation. Low discount, low price is the ace buy network. The people have not only meet the most basic needs of life, more is the pursuit of quality and time, high quality and low price service, of course, can enjoy.

has a low price of this trump card, it is to buy a network of customers to lay a good foundation. But let the network group purchase blossom everywhere overnight, with this condition is not enough. The industry generally believe that buying a website is a very important reason for the low threshold. Invest a few thousand dollars can do a buy site." U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing said. At the same time, buy the site using the first pay, re consumption of the business model, the short term will be able to bring the cycle of capital flows, which makes the lack of capital entrepreneurs excited, like digging into a gold mine.

innovation is the final winner

Chinese people like to follow the trend, to see who do this well, it will attract a lot of followers. In accordance with

Buy site marketing model