this year is the rapid development of group purchase website one year, the number of group purchase website quickly from last year’s two thousand soared to five thousand this year, the momentum of rapid development also makes a lot of problems have become increasingly prominent, such as the lack of supervision, not invoice, rights difficult and so on, which makes the network group purchase from a period of rapid development began to gradually transition to mature in this process, the net station will be subject to a lot of tests, can withstand test in the process of enterprises to accelerate the growth of enterprises in an invincible position, and to achieve this goal must be from three aspects.

1 price advantage, quality should be excellent

group purchase is the biggest advantage of low prices, with the increase of network group purchase price advantage is more obvious, the number of websites also to the customers choice, and with the advent of parity network, consumers can be through parity to choose the most advantageous price of low-cost products, after all is said and done is the core competitiveness of the group purchase also, only through the low price to attract customers to the door.

is currently declining gross profit margin has been reduced from 20% to about 5% of the original, in this case to improve their profits must also look for products with price advantage. In order to obtain the network group purchase price advantage will increase with the production of enterprises, it also requires more effort to get the group purchase business, the most competitive products, to maximize their own interests, win the sustainable development.

, of course, to protect the quality of the low price, if the quality is not so it can only be a hammer sale, the loss of customer accumulation site or unsustainable development. So the network group purchase should be more cooperation with the strength of the production enterprises, not necessarily is the industry’s top one, but at least the enterprise product should be in the middle and upper grades, so as to ensure the quality of products, prices are more advantages, so the site should be in the choice of products to do more than, must be fine selected, find high quality and low price products, this is an important guarantee for the success of the website.

2 quality service to win customer trust

products also have good service guarantee, at present a lot of websites when the group purchase but when the goods be in full swing, slowly, sometimes all over the 4-5 group purchase genius began to arrange the shipment, let consumers wait until the flowers have wilted, impatient consumers even will make a decision to refund, this problem is not up according to the service after all! Understand, at present there are nearly 40% online shopping complaints from the group purchase network, quality of service to enhance the visible network group purchase.

in order to win the trust of customers must provide high quality services, not only the issue of delivery time, but also includes the current common payment issues, Invoicing issues, etc.. Buy network must stand on the consumer side, for consumers to consider, consumers are satisfied that we can win profits. Should also be summed up in the course of sales experience, as far as possible to avoid all the loopholes in the service, allowing customers to enjoy high-quality products and services, which is to promote the development of an important website

Buy network to stand in an invincible position must start from three aspects