renamed China ( November 6th news, according to micro-blog news, SF has opened a new shopping site on the "Alexander project" closed beta test link enabled 4 letter domain name


: SF "Alexander"


, SF’s food electricity supplier SF preferred domain name enabled the line, and a full set of domain name protection SF preferred. In May, SF’s online shopping community service shop "Hey" officially opened, to enter the field of O2O, and a registered domain name Then, SF SF and low-key on-line sharing "idle goods trading platform, to enable the combination of the domain name, domain name protection

SF electricity supplier in terms of ambition is clearly not limited to this, the electricity supplier website, the domain name is earlier 2 letter domain name has been set with SF, now jump to the SF official domain name In 4 days this month, the Shenzhen electric Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder Gong Wenxiang posted a letter mail shots at micro-blog, SF shopping website project beta invitation mail. The mail text said, the project is still in the development stage of SF EXPRESS Co. Ltd., test link domain name

Gong Wenxiang mentioned in micro-blog, "in recent years, companies have gradually fierce fighting, a Feng earlier also have preferred to test the water electricity supplier industry, do not know the so-called new shopping website is intended for the map?" micro-blog also broke the electricity supplier network, SF recruitment a lot of foreign translators, Shun Feng new retail shopping site, I am afraid to start overseas business service rhythm.

SF or in the October 24th acquisition of the domain name, "SFHT" means "SF sea Amoy, the access to the domain name, the page for" Alexander "landing interface test. According to the "Chinese domain whois information, domain name has been registered, the name is not displayed in the sf.

SF Alexander Double eleven enabled sea Amoy domain sfht com online business network