according to the Ai Rui detection tool statistics, selected in 2011 China’s top ten popular network services, including micro-blog, buy the top, shopping, video, education followed.

a micro-blog popular, buy platform

over the past year, micro-blog, buy the development of severe, more is the way to buy micro-blog as a marketing tool, to carry out activities and promotion to enhance the brand awareness and sales of the group buying. But suddenly like this emerging industry the prevalence of abnormal development in a short period of time, contrary to the market development of the food chain at the same time, also destined for its own buried under the haze, so the development will have left the door recently, layoffs door sounded


, however, has opened up a new road for the group purchase mode of electricity market, a pilot shopping platform, response is surprisingly good, the degree of concern is excellent, therefore, in the future, this model will be the popular online purchase, as will be the field of taking more efforts to develop web technology well developed ~

two. Shopping, video live

the new trend of the electronic age, shopping, viewing is the pronoun of younger, but the electronic network around the world, but also on the Internet to broaden the channels of recreation, online shopping has become a hobby house, white-collar workers, online TV channel has gradually let users abandon TV for many years. Entertainment, the film is also the rapid development of network transport is indeed an indispensable carrier, the future trend will be the status of the global satellite, synchronized relaxation programs to meet the needs of Internet users.

three. Education and training stable long-term

in addition to the above points, since ancient times people will step into universities, Chinese emphasis on hard education, so everyone learning is the only way which must be passed, to meet the present employment, work pressure and competition, training institutions, schools have become indispensable, became one of the parents with children in the. This direction will never change, the education industry will only become more and more large scale, will be more and more attention. It is for the old saying: it is never too late to learn


shows that the domestic development trend of the industry is also a desired degree of progressive people reflect, micro-blog gradually evolved into people’s daily chat tool to vent; group purchase and shopping are slowly replacing the people shopping mode; the pressure of social competition, in-depth education, forcing people to learn and study, teaching training. The future development of the scene will be more brilliant, people’s lives will certainly go to the era of an electronic network Oh!

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