Listed on the first anniversary of

, announced the appointment of Quan Ren and somans as independent directors, positioning to consolidate its fashion business ".

data show that Quan Ren as an actor, founder of Star VC Vc firm, the company was founded in July 2014, in addition to the founder of the addition of Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing Quan Ren. Somans fashion group president of the group for the Chinese large fashion magazine publishers, owns more than ten magazine, including "fashion", "" Esquire "and" bazaar "," fashion Home Furnishing "," fashion health "etc.. believes that in addition to strengthening the fashion business positioning, two independent directors can also help the United States to integrate resources in terms of fashion, entertainment, communication, strengthening the United States in the influence of the masses of young users.

in a conference call on April 22nd, the United States CFO Gao Meng introduced the United States the future strategy that the United States in cosmetics has been stable, the next will expand to the whole advantage of cross-border electricity commodity — with leading position in the cosmetics, maternal and child development, continue to light luxury goods, to the United States from a single cosmetics category do the whole transformation of cross-border electricity supplier first Chinese. Gao Meng also revealed that will launch light luxury category maternal and child in a few months, the category has been in the pilot.

according to the NYSE corporate governance regulations relevant regulations, after the listing of the company a year, the replacement of the independent directors and independent directors must be pure, the candidate with the listed company did not have any significant correlation, independent management. This is intended to completely maintain the independence of the board of directors.

The United States appointed Quan Ren somans for independent director to consolidate the fashion elec