how to operate the industry website, with the location of the industry and the authority of the information is very relevant. To do a good job in the industry website, in addition to have a good website program, the most critical thing is to understand this industry, there are rich sources of information related to this industry channels. This "understanding" of the word contains very much, not only to know the characteristics of the industry, but also grasp the development trend of the industry, should be more understanding of the industry, including industry products, product prices, the use of such methods are well known. To understand the industry preferences, targeted customer group characteristics, it is more important to find industry related services, should have a pair of industry keen observation piercing eye. The accumulation of the experience that requires time and experience.

home network, for example, according to the president of the home network, said Mr. Zhang Fuxin: industry information to have a direct help to the industry, which is the value of the industry site. It is also the key to the operation of the industry website must be a. In the process of Home Furnishing network operation, one has accumulated a large number of users, on the other hand, provides a large variety of Home Furnishing industry information, provide an understanding of market dynamics for Home Furnishing Home Furnishing enterprise, grasp the Home Furnishing products to the channel.

President Zhang Fuxin seems to be in an in-depth understanding of the home industry, understand the principle of operation, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the home industry, the formation of a team of experts home industry. He built a standardized home industry service system platform, can solve the supply and demand relationship between home and target customers. China’s home market costs have been high, the domestic industry has become an opportunity for the network. In his view, the operating mode of the home network is the intensive management of home businesses, and the integration of Internet applications.

at present, many domestic manufacturers have chosen Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing network for enterprise Internet marketing platform for the marketing industry portal operation mode; and many of the building materials industry Home Furnishing manufacturers also hope to achieve e-commerce sales by Home Furnishing network, eliminating the need for agents to the huge profit segmentation. These factors led to the home network has been the first choice for the promotion of business.

reason is that at this stage, the potential demand for online e-commerce is growing in various industries. Many companies have found that, for the industry room more suitable for the market economic background: current industry outside of the circle of business has become more and more difficult, more and more enterprises to the industry, and is suitable for enterprise Internet marketing channels preferred. Compared to traditional channels, the industry website marketing model can significantly reduce transaction costs, in the case of limited purchasing power of consumers, the advantage is obvious.


Zhang Fuxin was spotted this point, under his leadership, Home Furnishing network between business firms and target customers more directly set up interactive channels to design many product introduction mode, open up more targeted website, make full use of web resources, make the operation between manufacturers and customers to achieve the transaction the possibility of higher.

With the help of the industry will be online e commerce website marketing highlights