domain name industry this year is the flowers everywhere, the network address of the business is booming, almost every day to create a new record. Registration number is also rising. By the end of 2007 and early 2008, about 153 million Web sites in the domain name registration authority. Chinese domain names are particularly popular.

domain name management company VeriSign latest report shows that the number of URLs this year than last year, an increase of 33%, and demand has been expanding. 153 million domain name for the domain name of 58 million. Other domains such as.De or.Uk,.Com or.Net.

Germany in 12 million. In the national domain name registration to register the domain name of the first, second and third are China (.Cn) and the UK (.Uk) domain name. The number of registered domain names in China has increased dramatically over the past year, the number of registered domain names in China is 9 million, an increase of more than 2006, the number of the number of the number of registered in the country in. Experts say China’s registered domain name is likely to overtake Germany soon.

Chinese domain name became the second most popular national domain name