lead: 2014 many people choose to do micro business, there are a lot of people choose to give up the derivative……. Do business success is only about ten percent, the micro business marking time fifty percent ("drift" these people are not motivated, no execution, not strict with themselves). The remaining thirty percent of those who do micro business failure because of freeloaders, choose low-cost supply, low-priced products, mercenary, his own death.

I am from Shanxi, the name: Wu Xiaohui (Wu Xiaohui million color city: after entering the http://s.www.ewanse.com/default/index/store/store_id/546614 I want to shop), 25 years old, began to do micro business in March 2014. I am very hesitant to do micro business, the choice of what kind of product? I know to do conscience products, so I look for. In an accidental opportunity I learned that such a network of thousands of color city entrepreneurial platform.

However, I am not attracted to the

is the color of the city’s mobile Internet business model, but also to attract me is the core of the city’s million color products jellyfish skin collagen products. If a company does not have their own core products, not to allow the user to remember the product, not a market, it is a good business model in vain, without any chance of development. But the color of the city with these conditions, so I bought a million color jellyfish skincare use home, I am oily skin, every day sitting in front of the computer games lead to the skin is dark yellow, because life is not the law lead to Changdou left face acne. To tell you the truth, find a wife is not easy to find, the face is really too horrible to look at. In the use of one and a half million color jellyfish a short period of time, my acne basically are not clear, and the skin becomes shiny. So I chose to join the 10000 color city (Baidu search: Wu Xiaohui million color city) began my micro business venture…….

micro business entrepreneurial road to tell the truth is really a long time, just joined the color of the city to do, I do not know the direction of the day to the computer with a cell phone in a daze, to tell the truth, I would like to give up……. Because I don’t have many friends and I don’t want to talk. And our town’s spending power is not good, can not do under the line, so I’m ready to give up. But in the recommended "my Magu" persuasion, I gave up the idea, from the beginning of the network.

I search in Baidu network promotion from the first page to see the 72 page, but also the last page, not a serious look at it again, with nearly 10 days time. Most of the talk is insist, repeat do. There are some technical aspects of SEO do not understand I chose the former, post. At first I chose the Baidu post bar and Tianya forum, a day to do in the computer to send, repeat every day to do. Just the beginning of the day will be able to send twenty to thirty posts around, as time is getting longer and longer, but also mastered the skills of some posting. At that time I knew >

Million color city to join the color jellyfish agent the color of the micro business venture

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