] Jin brother said today why write this article? Is this time to observe some trends, and the promotion of micro operators who want to understand the topic, then I would start from the year Jin brother played the "legend" grand game began to enter the topic, saying there are ten legendary door, each martial art there will be a superb equipment, high level, strong ability to call you, but some people just game pie, while others are found in the game business model, not only the interests of the game, PK BBS, acting skills, it also can say when that’s no wonder, Wurenbuxiao this is now taking the micro era, is an era of influence, some people’s success is not accidental but is inevitable, when thermal electricity supplier electricity supplier with practical experience, the first one is called The electricity supplier predecessors, now, when taking the micro heat with practical experience, and a number of electricity suppliers to make a transition to micro business, has become a senior, here I want to say, not a time to create a celebrity, but a process of constantly in practice to do in realizing its own value.

you are a pure micro business or business model operators. How to define what is pure derivative, pure derivative is pure selling products, relying on a day selling point of the product more chicken soup like the point of self achievement, at the same time, long removed from derivative learning derivative conversion of their own change slowly, do not know what copywriting, no product package and soft Wen promotion the pure seller, the seller is relying on WeChat to micro self products rich fantasy type, you need to understand the micro business not only in the WeChat brand to sell, also can be in micro-blog good open situation. How to define what business model for operators. The product has been upgraded to a brand model, can provide customers with the value and the company’s internal structure, partner network and capital (Relationship Capital) to realize the use (create, sell and deliver) derivative elements of the value and generate sustainable profit income business model for operators. 2015 to do micro business will be based on the O2P model of business model, and this model contains three P: Platform (platform), Place (channel / localization) and People (consumer) three aspects. It is recommended that the brand operators to see the latest business model 100 cases, this book.

4 team created between 40 million and 4000 people to create a 40 million. Do not blindly participate in such training, in fact, now released micro business, is this a few points: emotional marketing + increased attention + good business circle of friends how + name + chicken soup with pictures, I hope you see Jin brother of this article is to see more modes of operation, now is not the lack of products is the lack of you can change ideas to business model thinking, and drops drops fast as partners, this is the combination, since you do derivative is to get rich, want to expand the product, the thought about whether there is a combination of similar products, here is my circle of friends was a "no Liu Bei, Zhang Fei is a butcher, Guan Yu is a basket, leave >

How do you want to go far go long

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