Love Shanghai auction updated enhanced user experience is more behind the market consolidation

and Shanghai No. 6.27 release love Shanghai bidding update is to enhance the user experience, it is better to say that love is in Shanghai in order to better secure their monopoly position in the market.

In addition to the previously published Love

June 27, 2013, love Shanghai operations, business audit management department, marketing department and commercial products for all users without bidding issued "V customer promotion costs to enhance the proportion of the increase notice". read more

Microsoft released their version of Bing search engine

Bing for Schools will be officially launched later this year, so today Microsoft stressed that the company is still in the first edition of Bing for Schools will determine which function. Microsoft will be free to participate in this spontaneous plan schools and school districts to provide this kind of search engine. Bing behavioral scientist Matt · Warrior Te (Matt Wallaert) said: "we believe that through this plan we will be able to create the best possible search experience for children." read more

Today no rice break through the limitations of single page station also can be detonated flow

don’t limit and make the key word to do index, small index keyword can do the same for thousands of traffic. Analysis of the website I found here, this website love love Shanghai station show included six pages, actually only three pages, but every day from the sea to flow through love love station analysis, traffic in about four thousand to five thousand, and there are other search engines, and other traffic sources.

This flow is the most accurate ratio of

you don’t just put the eyes on high traffic keywords, keyword small as promising. Don’t just rely on the acquisition, one will easily fall collection software is just lazy, auxiliary. And not to use one hundred percent in all sites. Many people want to use the acquisition, millions of data acquisition for high flow, then? Is K off, and the input and output is not equal. Some accurate than choice of small flow keywords to do some single page website. read more

How to write high quality original articles

in Shanghai dragon who did not know the importance of the original article today, many websites even spawned a new industry – to write the original article. We have all seen many ads in the Shanghai dragon forum or website, write original articles, each 2 yuan and so on, which illustrates the importance of the original article and uniqueness. In my opinion, the original article must have the following characteristics:

3, the view of

4, the end of the paper summary. A high quality original article, must have a good ending, this is why many people often say, write the beginning and the end must be written, the middle part of the truth can be. At the end of the article is not only a summary of the discourse, more is to write around the narrative of the problem, such as router write characteristics, excellent editors will write the current router at the end of the overall market situation and existing problems etc.. read more

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm on line soon are you ready

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the lower right corner of the window advertising advertising is one of the many sites of love, because the show rate so the click rate is high, naturally let the main site that they put it.

from Shanghai love update algorithm is not difficult to see that the existence of low quality bad advertising video, games, movies, entertainment, medical and other industries of the owners will complain incessantly, because the love of Shanghai made clear in this paper, the ecological environment from the Internet, some low quality advertising was flooded with more and more websites, this trend has seriously affected the search engine respect user experience is the inexorable law, so what is the low quality and inferior advertisement? To the author of the pomegranate algorithm understanding, the following screenshots of similar ads for low quality and bad advertising: read more

Why waste station can in front of us

in our analysis of the way I feel it is generally analysis PR analysis included in the site and the reverse link, and domain name registration time from these aspects to determine the quality of the site he, it’s true, but we often ignore the website content and more to the new frequency, general search engine see this site is people management, even if we stop all are good, but it has no more than 1 years of people management, no update, ranking will certainly not good, it may be some error analysis. read more

Keywords essential skills ranked 2013 Part 1

(2) the process of Web site optimization, webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to improve the relevance of the link, the link between love of Shanghai has increased.

website construction is to help users to obtain the.

2. social factors influence ranking rose

ranking factorsThe relative decline in the value of

said in the keyword ranking before the first to collect everyone’s status. The majority of owners said that recently their websites included dips, and some even have no home, are N for a long time did not update the snapshot. We all know that love Shanghai has recently been making adjustments, but the fact is really just because of this read more

How to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking

is the stone, most of the articles before the site are also related with the stone, basically every article or title, or content, more or less will appear several times of stone. Around April and May, two: the long tail word mining method and the benefits of scrapping scrapping (website selling stone scraping board). So every update of the article began to close the scraping, there is nearly no stone. So, now the bittersweet. Hi, stable scraping method in the first, the benefits of scraping in the top three fluctuations. While the other about scrapping many words, have a good ranking. But the tragedy is that the main keyword "stone" and other stone Related words, ranking is a problem. The author believes that in June after the adjustment, the website content correlation between the influence of the rankings again promoted. A job so I going to do is to increase the stone updates, after all the web site is to do the stone, the stone of the rankings is the top > read more

Talk about the website profit problem about Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunity for stationmaster t

            Zhang Zhiyong said here that the site’s home, when I talk to him at the time, he probably sold more than 40000 ads above, below ten thousand or twenty thousand, I said a month I give you fifty thousand dollars to buy this good time? He doesn’t do it, because he did CPS earn money later, so he has been doing CPS rather than we do advertising for him. The site of CPS is better, but the requirement is very high. Here I just take a psychology website, this psychological website, we see his website ranking, he is 102195, this ranking I think IP should be less than one thousand. He sold some psychology books, the monthly income of about four thousand or five thousand, and he said the truth does not need to do their own logistics, also do not need to do their own warehouse, hang a link with a few books, may visit a very small amount. He is a foreign language website, he called the New South Korean network, is also a professional station, Liu is still low volume, high income, his advertising may not be too much, there is a bookshop navigation above, it will list the South Korean books. This is a fan site, this is one of Zhou Bichang’s official website, dangdang once Zhou Bichang CD’s promotion, we take the initiative to find him, when he put an advertisement on his website, he is the income of over a million fans, this thing, especially the super girl website very the unbelievable. There is also a novel stand, he should say this form, in fact, I personally not too recognized form, targeted and professional, or matching is not very high. read more

Key factors influencing the site keywords ranking

3, link to the entrance of

Keywords Keywords

2, correlation recognition,

website optimization is to let the specified keywords to get a good ranking, which is the core keywords ranking factors? I believe that many webmaster to worry about this issue. In the website optimization friends, the first thing to go to work is not to look at your web site keywords ranking is not falling off, what is the reason, or what is the reason that many people should be not very clear, want a keyword ranking home to know the influence of core ranking factors, as long as you know and we are not aiming at these factors to optimize, to improve, to ascend, so I will know what is useful or not useful, clear direction, looking for less detours, the effect will be better, the ranking will naturally come up. Here too wordy for a long time, I believe that we do not know what factors, followed by the Zhongshan website optimization clear blogger blog, share the core factors that affect the keywords ranking for everyone, mainly in the following 5 points: read more

A5 marketing online marketing business transformation indispensable knowledge

if you are a business owner, read here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon website promotion, is a long-term process, often need a few more, even at.

three: short – and long-term development planning

in many enterprises, an on-line website received the "love Shanghai promotion" call, recommends that companies choose to love Shanghai auction, get a better ranking effect. But: click on a few dollars, but let more enterprises repeatedly complain, some websites or even a month in Shanghai on the bidding cost million. read more

The electricity supplier website of Shanghai dragon how to combine the brand marketing

for ordinary users, they tend to believe that the main search keywords website, row on the first page of the website is a reliable brand and service providers, if in the first row, it is believed to be trusted, of course, this is not one hundred percent correct, but the reality is so, on the internet almost all users have this tendency. I was shopping at the time will fall in love with the sea to search for certain keywords, then there are a lot of independent business website, then I will always choose the front and enter the site. read more

Site optimization need to pay attention to the chain resources accumulation

many new Shanghai dragon industry people will ask the site optimization technology where, what needs to be done, and for the veterans, many of them probably have infiltrated "secrets". Website optimization usually nothing to do original content update and the chain construction is the website, Guangzhou website – South Netscape that chain construction for the website optimization, not for quantity, quality is required, the chain quality is good and much is what we want.

two, B2B website: such as HC, Chinese manufacturing network, the Alibaba, a hundred responses to a single call to release information, the full use of their resources, for example, company introduction, product recommendation and so on, anyway as long as relevant, can be used as far as possible to use, like Alibaba, blog, forum, shops and so on, as long as it is and the products are used. read more

After the Spring Festival holiday website ranking drop

third, visits to greatly reduce

the above three points determines the ranking of the site will be greatly reduced, the snapshot time will be greatly delayed, but for those with the new year this time the full promotion of the website, the effectiveness will be great, today the word Zibo website search found a lot before not seen in the website and run to the first page. High ranking. This is verified in a word, Shanghai Longfeng guizaijianchi. A5 first.

Original: Before

during the Chinese new year, we are immersed in the thick smell of the year, especially the construction site in this industry, no one to care, no customers to find, so the several days do not have access to the results of the visit in Shanghai, love will be ranked accounted for a certain amount of traffic let love Shanghai to reduce the weight of the station is reduced. read more

Some basic properties about search engines

three, 301

two, robots

has let the search engine spiders can’t crawl in love Shanghai property, such as: JS, Flash code page, transfer out of advertising links and so on these places can be used directly, these are all can use the nofollow property to shield, avoid weight loss, and JS and Flash are the love of spiders in Shanghai do not read this. Where do not need more. We presented to the search engine must be part of the best, so as to let the search engine think your site has more affinity for him. To avoid being treated as garbage sites, so as to get punished. read more

Shanghai dragon see the essence through the fog

algorithm is not everything, the user experience is king

many people are engaged in Shanghai dragon just spend all day in the forum, blog, learning how to Shanghai dragon website, but not really to do Shanghai dragon, in fact this is a wrong understanding, Shanghai dragon.

2: link exchange only PR

1: the

do not know what time from the beginning of the emergence of a lot of "master", when the keyword rankings change, in the forum, blog and other jumped out to shout "update algorithm". These so-called "master" remarks seem really important, in fact as long as you seriously think, will find that these are some myths. As one of the major search engines, will modify the algorithm so frequently? Search engine modification algorithm is mainly for a more friendly user experience and reduce Er Shanghai dragon cheating. Even if there is a change in many years of experience in Shanghai dragon Er can easily infer the search engine algorithm. As a real dragon and Shanghai not just for the algorithm, we should continue to improve the user experience aspects, because the real purpose of the Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Web site keywords ranking and no ByeBye

see "site optimization proposal" proposal of self-examination for a long time, before the trust also swept away, the result is to fulfill the task, do website optimization personnel every day must be done in strict accordance with the A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) to perform the optimization the "proposal" proposal to the site, in the first half a month did not see much improvement, the site only included increased slightly, snapshot, website keywords > read more

Shanghai people love brush the drop down box in the destruction of Shanghai dragon in the future

1, Shanghai dragon Er cannot choose the key words

2, Shanghai is also not a good way to love what

because they love Shanghai brush the drop-down box, are some hackers, or automatically to brush for chickens, or to others computer installed Trojan Trojan to let automatic brush. This is to let love Shanghai difficult to judge the extent of the program, because the client is doing. Shanghai love only artificial view later, to find the word brush. So you see the following chart.

used this title a bit alarmist, but the love of Shanghai brush drop-down box has really given Shanghai dragon has brought great obstacles. The programmer position in a company, the development of the site also joined the Shanghai Phoenix concept. However, when the page selection, we have been unable to start, I don’t know which words are true, what words are false. Let’s look at the two picture. read more

Shanghai dragon breakthrough strategy to optimize the long tail keywords

to understand what the long tail keywords, you have to say to Chris · the long tail theory proposed by Anderson. In simple terms, the long tail is about as long as the storage and distribution channels is large enough, less demand or poor sales of products combined market share will reach or exceed those few selling products market share. That is to say, a niche market convergence power can match the mass market.

so for the Shanghai dragon tail, what is the meaning of

In this paper, by my car pad thank you for your cooperation! read more

The 28 SMS network site 6 months soso included 0 conjecture

two: website Kongfa content and lack of readability of

server space influence to the site, I think it should be every webmaster feel, for an accident every two or three days website, not only hurt the heart of the user, but also to the search engine is very disrespectful, for the 28 SMS network performance, the influence of the server, love Shanghai’s most sensitive, snapshot will give you not update, is included on the keywords will also receive some effect, but if you can solve in time, for the love of Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking will recover very quickly, and although the soso on the surface of indifferent, but for a not included in an article for the website, or influence very large, it may be because your server or space is not stable and not included in your site. read more