Webmaster don’t toss your users

we all know why love Shanghai to launch Scindapsus algorithm 2 is the "spark plan" to support the project, or really in order to integrate the entire network environment and open to the user as the user, according to the importance of this? We may not.

in the spark plan, many webmaster in the "soft" the fall over each other to write, what to do. In order to cater to the small spider like chant, they said to respect the original, but most did not look after, the text is really soft, simply "soft" to the extreme. To this kind of soft, not advertising, but fuck too cheating, no content, no quality, no readability. Such as the three products how you let users love, even if you love Shanghai for the original judgment, immediately included, but how, just to increase the number of IP, increase the jump, reduce the conversion. So, if things go on like this, you think that search engines are not from the comprehensive factors to determine whether the value of your site? Then you begin to estimate jiwai, what my website 90% are own original, why is this fate. In a word, four words "you deserve it"! Is a complete waste of time for the user to increase your website IP, what is the use of read more

These free tools and methods of mining the long tail keywords you know

click on the pop-up dialog box, tool, waiting for input and search keywords, keyword tool will set out the relevant keywords and long tail keywords, show the daily search volume, the degree of the competition

here are several long tail keywords convenient and effective mining method:

3. using the "thesaurus network" mining long tail keywords

According to the demand of

Shanghai index shows love and popular search in the search term and the fastest rising search terms we can set out a part of the long tail keywords popular. read more

Don’t be blinded by the user first appearance of Shanghai dragon eyes

in fact, when we calm down, carefully pondering in website optimization, the relationship between work and search engines do we need, you will find that Shanghai dragon is not only in the "care" of the search engine if you feel that too much focus on how to take into account even a flicker of search engine, then I believe that in the "5· you will be on tenterhooks 20" event, continuous speculation love Shanghai in the end of the station you took what measures, in fact, this reaction originally should not be our appearance. See the essence through the appearance, we need to return to the understanding of the nature of Shanghai dragon, understand user occupied in website optimization position, and adjust the relationship between the coordinate user and search engine, let Shanghai dragon return to a normal track. read more

2013 new examples of analytical algorithm of the site is down right reason

Links itself can be beneficial to the website ranking, but because the webmaster has become increasingly busy, often to detect Links site omissions, often because of Links site right down, involved in their own website right down.

is Links website implicated

blindly rely on the old site transfer weight

new year just after the webmaster is still in a happy new year, on the site’s attention declined obviously, only to find work after the query site, new year is not worth, website operation situation worsened, many high weight site are subject to varying degrees of right down in February. Love Shanghai algorithm kept updated in the new algorithm under the site, in order to survive must meet the provisions of the algorithm, the reason for everyone to talk about the new algorithm under the web site is down right. read more

The five biggest killers of early startups out of businessWhy is it so difficult to develop Wangzhua

yesterday February 10th, tiger sniffing an article on the start-up company was acquired by large companies, entrepreneurs how to deal with large companies, team relations, and help the acquisition of the successful completion. Today, we’re going to recommend an article on how many obstacles an start-up can get out of on its way out. For those who are pondering through the acquisition, seeking to withdraw from the entrepreneurs reference. This article comes from Venturebeat, compiled by Tiger sniffing: read more

Little joke the quality of the chain with the website mother in law

: I said high quality outside the chain of high quality the chain is some weight high site leaves, the chain is the more the better, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, resources outside the chain of choice oh.

so do not only do the number of the chain link quality, but to do links, in the search engine’s quality is far higher than the number, a quality chain is equivalent to 50 the number of chain, finally the little joke you please leave the chain, you want to learn more knowledge, why not give others some of the benefits? There is no free lunch! By (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, reproduced trouble to the younger brother left a link, then. read more

A middle course of Shanghai Longfeng the use of good Webmaster Tools

five years, I also met a lot of awesome webmaster, will be pushed to the first page through the so-called black hat tactics, but so what? Is not a temporary climax, but still can not see the light. Of course, these awesome webmaster have the Webmaster Platform tool used in the extreme, so as to achieve continuous orgasm, and even kept in the home of pleasure. However, they may still encounter some self styled big coffee and even the webmaster tools do not know how to use the webmaster, talk in some public places about their experience in Shanghai dragon, it is very ridiculous! read more

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know eight

can say now this BBS signature chain is not what role, or even as search engine spam link points, but in the forum if you have trusted large, and you mix well, or has become the jar celebrity then this link in the signature on the value of. The signature here acts as a promotion of enterprise website, build brand and guide the flow of action. Or that sentence, do not do in order to do Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, there is a logic to what things including the rules of search engine, the forum set up the forum signature, nature is the benefits of it, don’t say for the website ranking useless and not to do. read more

Can not guarantee the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng company

I have already mentioned more than once, every site facing the situation is not the same, we want to develop an appropriate strategy according to the actual situation of Shanghai dragon website, rather than a "have been made applicable everywhere" Shanghai dragon strategy, because of this the policy does not exist. >

Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company of Shanghai dragon love is a myth, the Shanghai dragon training institutions website information. read more

Google ranking factors eleven trans factors three

seventh, the chain growth rate is slow but steady rise, which will allow Google to think that your site is very natural, and have a great chance will determine your site really is more and more popular,

the day before we in effect chain Google ranking factors (two) mainly introduces the important role of different types of anti chain, today we take this topic will continue, the next ten anti chain factors explain in detail.

ninth, outside the chain, obtained from the directory sites in the country, most many directory sites is a super large website, not only the flow of huge high and is the starting point to crawl, included in the catalog of many sites, Google will be more popular. read more

Examples the pro test lasted 4 months after Google’s K station and unblocking journey

which I refer to the official discourse of Google to address this issue, some webmaster will use to get from other well-known content on a website, they mistakenly believe that adding random and unrelated content to increase the number of web pages is a good long-term strategy. For a pure copy content (even from high quality sites), if not add useful services or your own website content, is not going to bring any value for users.

copy and gathering a lot of problems in theThe

, the first

third, a pop-up window is too much or the presence of malicious code read more

He Tao eight key elements of the Taobao optimization


core Taobao shop optimization summed up eight points: under the frame of time window is recommended, the popular baby, store credit, search options, set sales, keyword matching, join disappear then I step by step analysis.

website optimization friends will always focus on the search engine, in fact, with the development of network. A new land has been taken, it seems to me that piece of treasure is Taobao optimization. I will also want to use after all certainly will search is the same in some ways sometimes, for we have the website optimization basis for people to be very simple. I recognized this point of view, through He Tao’s summary: whether it is a piece of their ultimate goal is to search for their user experience read more

A supplement to Lou song song love Shanghai P keywords and principle analysis of antecedents

keyword ranking first click rate is 0.685, second 0.562, third 0.553, fourth 0.352


1) accumulated a key word. The thesaurus content can come from many aspects, such as Webmaster Station Network Search Ranking query search in love, love Shanghai, large website internal data bought over, etc.. (added: source method about the thesaurus has a lot of, such as getting through, such as Sogou input method thesaurus provides a free text classification corpus, and is obtained through some statistical tools. read more

Black hat and white dragon Shanghai Shanghai dragon is not a value judgment

so tired?

white hat Shanghai dragon that used black hat technology can in a short time can get traffic but this is not a long period, to be search engine out sooner or later, then the best solution is to start again. Instead, why not conscientiously do a healthy, normal, can bring useful information to the users of the website? White hat Shanghai dragon website and search engine without fear of being punished, the webmaster can again after ten years, twenty years after the return from this website, Why not?? read more

Analysis of love Shanghai for promotion of mobile terminal visitor behavior

3. mobile terminal landing page

4. mobile terminal used

2. for mobile search habits, optimization keywords on the bidding keywords and mobile terminal.

4. mobile terminal consulting, consulting the time should be strictly controlled, and try to QQ or mobile phone to facilitate tracking. According to my analysis of the data, the mobile terminal off the single rate higher than the PC side, so it is particularly important to follow-up.

On the

end mobile terminal, the mobile terminal should be how to love Shanghai bidding for an upgrade before adjustment? Love Shanghai bridge, visitors will search words and source domain, etc. have been started to consult page tracking, that is to say that these visitors love Shanghai behavior information, there are a very big help for marketing. See "new business to help you see more real-time customer information marketing more efficient read more

Discussion on improve website ranking by five correlation

now stationmaster in building a new site before, the first is to determine their own site types, wanted to build a what kind of website, and then according to the type of site related to the registration of domain names, for example to do with the type of Web site optimization, so in the domain name registration, it will naturally preferred with interesting domain optimization for example, ABC, 123 Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon place and Shanghai dragon etc.. Because the search engine for the correlation between the domain name and website type more strong, give the impression is more specific. The domain name and website keyword in have a great effect on the website optimization, website ranking weight increase. So, to improve the website ranking, the best way is to maximize the type of domain name and website related, can save a lot of time optimization. read more

360 search by leveraging what love Shanghai

1, Shanghai closed the content of love.

3B war started, Zhou Hongyi of love Shanghai also began running slobber, micro-blog has been on the general assembly and various attacks love Shanghai’s weakness, and has been claimed to search "huge opportunities to subvert the world". Summary of Zhou Hongyi love Shanghai repeatedly attacks him in the eyes of the subversion of opportunities is nothing more than two:

for the love of Shanghai over commercialization, Zhou Hongyi face the irony love Shanghai bidding model ", the notorious repute" joy and wonder: what you can come up with a better business model? For the search, ranking is the eternal theme, of course, can not avoid the fate of PPC in business. A popular word do not bid, how to determine. read more

Analysis of Web site was hung black chain harm and preventive measures

second: the site is hung? What is the classification of chain.

speaking of the black chain, do believe people have heard, I think for any webmaster, his web site was hung black chain is a very depressing thing, not only affect the user experience, but also make the site to drop right even K station. Today I will share with you an analysis of website is hanged? Chain harm and preventive measures, we hope to help.

is the first to set the display property to none, thereby shielding website external link information; read more

Love Shanghai to combat spam link sprocket to emerge of itself and perish of itself

operations are in love before Shanghai algorithm update, after 10.23 days of love Shanghai update algorithm, this chain would be and love Shanghai algorithm clearly shows that cross links to a severe blow to crack down on cheating, love Shanghai, to really want to do the sprocket emerge of itself and perish of itself? Sprocket no new living can go? In fact, as long as the webmaster will extrapolate, and can know outside the station chain operation can also be applied to the construction of the station chain. The station is undoubtedly the sprocket through the pages of the whole station sprocket, chain to the home page, increase the weight of home page. read more

Another purpose of long tail keywords enhance website viscosity

website! The concept of

why do you turn on the computer to login QQ? Most people say this is a kind of habit, in fact, this habit behind also reflects some other meaning, if we let you change every day you would like to use MSN? Why not? MSN QQ is not easy to operate, or no its powerful? In fact not login QQ is a kind of habit, because this habit makes all of our customer contacts, including social relations all focused on QQ, if we have replaced the chat software, then it means that I will lose the human resources, which we are unable to bear so, QQ coincidentally caught the heart, so his promotion let many people put on QQ has become a habit, so he relied on "a personal care human resources, psychological success Create a deep viscosity Tencent read more