Streamline web content structure for Baidu spider road forward

is now a lot of website content is very complex, this complex is not only reflected on the surface of the site, which is embodied in the code of the website, the chain code is too heavy and so on, many factors, complex navigation is not clear and the structure is unreasonable, chain imperfect constraints on the site in Baidu spider you know Baidu spider crawling on the site crawling is like crossing the road, if the car stopped, so pedestrians have to stop. On the website, the primary task of a webmaster is to streamline the station structure of their own, to create conditions for Baidu spider crawling, the following specific content to construct a website about how to streamline the site and create favorable conditions for Baidu. read more

My and my safe site story


network is colorful, here we can do whatever they want, but there is not some people remain in a proper sphere to destroy our data and computer, for these people we have come up with their own technology to fight back, but as a student, what can we do? After a few days and nights of repeated what I decided I used the technology to attract some technology, people have a sense of justice to organize a group of network security, restless people back, and those who do not know how to protect the network. read more

The impact of website production on traditional brands

in any age, brands are the carriers for enterprises to establish market positioning and expand their popularity. In the Internet era, website construction will expand the influence of the brand to the user’s online life. Therefore, for traditional industries, including manufacturing, machinery, foreign trade, government agencies, and service industries, the production of high-end, professional website can not only greatly enhance the enterprise network brand image, more able to rely on the ability to spread the powerful Internet and penetration ability, to carry out a strong marketing network, to attract more consumer attention. read more

Why don’t you use divergent thinking to run websites

divergent thinking, as the name suggests, is the use of a variety of perspectives, different angles to analyze things. Today, Weihai website construction company applies divergent thinking to the planning and management of the website. It can help us to make a better foothold in the Internet market.

site planning operation is a very important indicator of website optimization, it can promote the ranking of the site and bring huge traffic. But due to its optimization, how to optimize the website? In the face of this problem we believe a commonplace talk of an old scholar ear was heard a cocoon. Here but many say, no regrets and with divergent thinking to analyze, is paramount to the pure conception Website Optimization: the user experience as the core optimization web site. The most effective way to enhance the user experience is content is king. read more

Small game website operation and profit

some time ago to talk over the "summary" profit model analysis software download station today to come to talk about the operation and profitability of small game station, small game site is a website in the Internet more fire, especially due to the current 4399, 7K7K, xiaoyouxi and other small game website, excellent operation and strong profitability, make a lot of people are choosing investment game websites, and relatively competitive pressure is relatively large, so how many game sites and talent shows itself better profit? I of game network stations have concern and understanding of the previous operation 22KK COM little game site, as well as specialized engaged in the sale of small business website game program, today again with us to discuss the operation and profitability of a small game site. read more

Three main reasons for web site to deny image watermark function

many webmaster are very fond of using picture watermark function, think the website picture watermark function can both very good protection of their website content copyright, and can play well on the site of good publicity. For an information site that has little original content, the image watermark function should be used carefully. This article on the image watermark function, application and the majority of the webmaster to do an experience and opinion sharing.

1, affecting the appearance of the site. The content of the website is often reproduced, reproduced over the picture itself usually has been playing on the other site of watermark, this time if the site again add image watermark, watermark if the same position, will cause the watermark overlap; if the watermark position is different, there will be a variety of picture watermark logo, and beauty the website greatly affect the contents of the whole image. So, to reprint the content if there are other sites of image watermarking, image watermarking can be turned off in the current article pages to a picture, try to ensure that at most one watermark logo to the user will feel much better. Especially there is no design experience for some of the webmaster, poor effect picture watermark, watermark image itself on the site for a very simple, very beautiful, very beautiful artistic pictures with his simple picture watermark, indeed affect the picture even this content to feel the overall impression of the user. So, in this case, it is proposed to cancel the picture watermark function. read more

Do station earn 10 thousand and 5 as well as helping people to work

at the end of 07 as the company’s office began to enter the personal webmaster Road, think it has been 3 years have said, do stand as work, I’m not here to fight some of the new enthusiasm, but as a bit of experience of the veteran, I am willing to remind everybody that the owners of the road is not easy, the need to adhere to, and the momentum is what you insist? Is the interest or just to make money for the power is prompted by a sudden impulse? Or just want to have a website? It must think of doing before, or to give up the idea. read more

Lin Shuyun why talk about the site and naobaijin sought after location problem

alley, as everyone knows, melatonin. Advertising language is flying all over the sky, nine days of wind spread, sprint health care industry. Indeed, whether adults or children are blurted out: "this year the Chinese New Year gifts, gifts received only melatonin like this simple and contradictory advertisements so rooted in the minds of the consumers. The best effect of advertising is word of mouth propaganda. Melatonin did.

in fact, health care products are not targeted at health, but positioning in the gift, let the subconscious mind to remember, "send", let people a preconceived attitude. For example, there is a customer to ask the staff to eat an egg or two eggs, the principle of the same, in the subconscious of the customer to set a choice, no matter how you choose, I just want you to add more than one egg. Melatonin is the use of melatonin as a gift to the sales rather than when the health care products. read more

January 4th A5 domain name auction 2016 first gun happy buy fun buy lqg com43 million transactions

A5 ( station network January 5th news, at the beginning of 2016, the first A5 domain name auction auction will, with "Le purchase, purchase, fun to panic buying" and other means to 430 thousand market price of the transaction, corresponding to another three initials.Com "fantasy pie, sea fresh, good school ended with a reserve price of 420 thousand liupai. In addition, some digital packaging, letter packaging, domain names have also been satisfied with the transaction price of both sides…… read more

Full house network CEO Feng Xiaohai learn from Groupon but do not copy

domestic buy site full house network CEO Feng Xiaohai (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco July 2nd news, said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology of domestic group purchase site full network CEO Feng Xiaohai the day before, the success of the Groupon mode and the market environment are inseparable, and when the domestic group purchase website in Groupon mode is introduced, in the face of the market environment and consumer groups and the difference is very big, so the Groupon should be learning, but not copy, adding new to China indigenous elements. read more

Four ways to translate the disadvantages of a commodity into selling points

we go on the street to see the cries, are often boast, selling things are very good, even if there are some drawbacks, the pink of perfection, often after the seller will be ready to accept either course that is careless buyers an advantage, although this is a skill, but for more business platform pay attention to back rate, flicker is not a skill, but a kind of defect, completely damage will eventually lead to the website or store credit.

in the mall or on a website so we need to deliberately hidden defects of products or defects, because it is completely inevitable, but these seem to be defective function, for some buyers, there is another advantage, so as to their One loves what is his own. generous buyers show, both advantages and disadvantages. But, again, the display of excellence is naturally very simple, just a regular introduction. But if the defects or shortcomings, if not pay attention to some of the tips, it will also affect the sales, but actually by proper methods, these defects can also be transformed into a selling point, the following is to analyze the specific. read more

How should a marketing website attract customers

with the quickening pace of life, more and more people have no patience for anything. Especially in the Internet this big trend, the information browsing time is gradually shortened, as a marketing type website, this is a huge challenge, how to attract customers, bring customers effectively for businesses, today we have to think about this question.

first, primary and secondary information clear

A lot of

marketing type website, why not a huge amount of customers browse, or their main location information is not accurate, the primary and secondary information is not clear, so many customers in a fuzzy state, for the loss of a lot of customers effectively, therefore, as a marketing website, must be clear their position, their characteristics are more prominent, the relationship between prioritize, so as not to make a lot of customers very confused. read more

Buy links what time to buy links

core tip: to buy a connection carelessly will only waste money, only finding the best opportunity can reflect good results. Hello, A5 friends, thank you for your support! I am a link professional seller, I sell links dedicated QQ is 88124886. A5 borrowed yesterday published a piece of treasure "my link wise remark of an experienced person: what links have the effect" get a lot of support from friends, thank you very much


today, let’s continue to discuss the optimization of the outer chain. I hope you can be generous with your criticism. In fact, today’s topic, I would like to thank the first few customers to work with me, is that they let me really search for a further understanding of the law. I am here to write skills, do not write the site, so as not to have AD suspicion. read more

How do you feel about a rookie webmaster

I was a rookie webmaster, that is, now is the beginning of 06, the real contact ", at that time still do static", started to play QQ space, then the code is very interested in, and often went to Internet cafes a character by character change (when it was a poor boy, computer what is not, so go to Internet cafes). Next to the friends are playing games in passion, I am like fools to the computer, looking at the mess of the code, MM next to me that I was the Institute to do homework. 09 years, the money did not earn much, the body is more and more bad, often cold, do stand 3 years, feeling really many, even from the beginning of the code cannot read until now also dabbled with the chopper, the frustrations and bitterness that only he knows. read more

Li Jun real sense of SEM project

recently helped a friend to do a project of the SEM part of the work, there are some simple process are as follows: wise remark of an experienced person,

1, interpret and grasp the overall strategy of the project is based on the network, and then figuring out what needs to be achieved, and the target is subdivided into executable items. The more the scale of the project, the more it is necessary to do so. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you’re doing later.

2, understanding the surfing behavior and search habits of customers is a critical issue. It is not easy to get customers without understanding the customers. But the key is, for each project, there will be a unique group of customers, if you get these unique groups of search habits data, trouble?. More depends on the usual information accumulation. Recommend an inspiring article on the Baidu bidding tour industry optimization guide. read more

Ma Yun winter on suspected recuperate wllp

these days Ma’s "winter" get jittery, I also speak for the ride. I think Ma Yun’s theory of winter can be understood from three angles:

is an internal warning, crisis management and rehabilitation.

Meng Zi said, "he who was born in misery died in peace.". Ma Yun personally experienced the first winter of the Internet, learn the first winter lessons, may also have a lingering fear. In order to better nip in the bud, Ma needs to remind employees when the situation is not very good and prepare for the "winter". read more

Eight ways to quickly increase traffic on your site

eight ways to quickly increase traffic on your site

1 in the post bar, more posts

as far as I know, Baidu post bar is now very fire, casually send a post, you can bring dozens of ip. So we have to work hard.

2. at Baidu knows the answer to questions

as long as you enter, Baidu knows, search for it. There will be a lot of problems to be solved, and then you should use our internationalism to help them. When in answer to a question, make a publicity.

3. reply post

now, Baidu post bar every minute there are many new posts appear, as far as possible in front of the reply. Others see your space, from time to time there will be clicks. read more

Link the snapshot mystery

Hello, I’m A5’s professional link seller, my QQ is 88124886. Today we bring is a snapshot of the. In China’s market, Baidu is undoubtedly "big brother"; in the user groups, Baidu is definitely not lost in GG, so in China, Baidu’s SEO technology is the most popular technology.

stationmaster studies Baidu, make Baidu very headache. Baidu always wants outside to know its real algorithms and changes. So, as long as SEOER released the latest research results, Baidu will change the algorithm. That is to say, SEO technology, which is widely circulated on the Internet, is not necessarily the best technology. read more

An unsuccessful webmaster doing station experience

      in fact, now as a personal webmaster, I should also not started quite late, in 2002 began to do a lot of things, I stand; experience is not little, for example, the domain name website was shut, stolen public security penalties, the program is not deceived, but experienced success. There is no new hair count for more than a year, a few days ago once again into a personal webmaster this long, many feeling, to speak out.

      first I do is a county website and the forum, in his hometown when he opened a small computer company, because the store business is not very good, some time and access to the Internet, so they started his career site. The website for program can be a mess, there are alumni, message boards, yellow pages, the forum is using the network, many different kinds of programs are often revised, put all sorts of things together, then feel or column is still too small, always kept on searching, the results are a set of the "new Yangzhou", on the Internet and other transactions, because the results have never been exposed to SQL, is not installed, so far, are not sure whether this was cheated. Those years should also be out of the website management system, but has not used. When is the first site because of our county’s website, even the government website have not come out, so in the local also has a certain influence, although the flow of people is not accessible, but it feels very cool, at least at the forum can do a hundred responses to a single call not considered, although the profit in this area. But because of this, the gun fight bird, catch up with the national anti pornography, everywhere in the zhuadian, results because the site there is a chain to a free space link is not removed in a timely manner in the revision of the time, I do not know why the free space when what became, with a lot of teaser images and the content of pornographic websites, the results I go to the Public Security Bureau police brigade, the police do not know the network, they do not look at the site, do not understand the jump, it is a port that the yellow website is what I do, said the county Party Committee Propaganda department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance, with the camera card, they also printed more than 10 pages out of appreciation. The results do not know that time is still in trial, I give them the training, then that is a $more than 2000 fine, did not see an invoice. After coming out from the Public Security Bureau, the first thing is to delete the website and forum from the server, and the backup is not left, so the first station is aborted. read more

E commerce site analysis Why are users on your website UGC

is now the domestic e-commerce is like a stone soup, because pay only the material, because rich and delicious. But don’t forget that only the qualities of selflessness are shared.

then share a little story: "stone soup", this is a true story.

Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo, all the soldiers in situ retired, many soldiers left with nothing whatsoever, in the long way home sick and died hungry. One day, a hungry soldier came to a village and found a very special stone. He had a brainwave. He took off his helmet and washed the stones by the river. He caught fire and made a stone at the entrance to the village. read more