group purchase Xiangfengyiyang fire up quickly, his will is his reason. Not only because the group purchase cheap, but with a rebate this. So, there will be a large number of Internet users to buy the site to do free network promotion, thereby increasing the sales of the group buying site.


group purchase website made promotion so much, what can rebate much? Why can’t


to talk about the group purchase website rebate rules:

invited friends to buy and buy goods for the first time, if the audit is successful, will be in your account into 10 yuan, can be used directly. Less than 10 of the goods without the rebate.

here we analyze several websites inviting friends group purchase rebate process, we can see clearly:

1, well-known buy network



buy this network is to promote the extension of the link with the promotion of ID, sharing is also with ID, so whether you are using a promotional link or share with micro-blog, according to the theory can be. I want to commend the website, is my only promotion rebate group purchase website. Then look down, the following is not the same:

2, well-known buy site:



on this site, I did not get a rebate, because the commodity is too bad? Or my promotion way wrong? Only link with ID, the share is not ID, so you share is completely useless. I tried a few days, but also with the promotion of the ID, and it was to buy a number of popular movie tickets buy goods, but no profit. Later, also did not do this buy network promotion. Some netizens have problems in response to the website of the rebate. We are interested in Baidu.

is more than two typical group purchase website rebate promotion operation. Let us look at the following dialogue:





see? This is a group purchase rebate disputes. Invited to have a successful record, and then buy the network without authorization to determine its invalid.

is a kind of marketing network group purchase group purchase rebate only to attract consumers, we do not take it seriously.

Daming the group purchase rebate fraud

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