a lot of people think that e-mail marketing is to send a problem, there is no problem to the hair; some people will take a step further to focus on the content and format of the mail. However, according to the current mature mail marketing point of view, these ideas all ignored a very important factors, namely, whether the recipient like you send out the mail? And after sending mass to observe the open rate / click rate is different, after sending the large-scale statistics, in order to prepare for future marketing; understand the recipient preferences should be sent before the mass has been based on the data, this is the AB packet test.

common AB packet test has two kinds:

is also a mail, use a different theme to some random recipient, observe which theme is more appropriate, here you can test several different themes (AB packet just said can actually use ABCDE so many groups come together, each subject test) group will use a different style. For example, some subtle euphemism, some simple and direct, for example:

A list of

20000 receiver system, randomly selected 10% of them (2000 people) do two sets of test:

group A theme: XX travel agency May Day greetings

B theme: 51 Thailand tour ninety percent off

can set the contrast index is mail open rates or the content of the click rate, the high index contrast group for the group, the group can be set once decided, the system will be the theme of the winning group to the list in the remaining 18000 recipients to send mail (of course, also can set a time interval before sending, or manually decide whether send)

two is also a theme, use the mail content different, the AB packet to test the general content of the email click rate of contrast index, operation process is completely the same with the first way, the only difference is the different group mail sent using the same themes, but is not the same as the content.

Thousands of users in accordance with the current

graphicmail platform, the first in China to learn dozens of users to use AB packet test significantly their email marketing ROI (ROI) increase 5-10 percentage points, this effect is still very alarming, and especially in the tourism industry and the B2C mall is better, guess the reason in this regard, can be described in detail in the back.

email marketing is a fine work of precision marketing, AB group testing is a function, which is especially suitable for the accurate marketing statements of a school, a.

Enhance the effectiveness of e commerce e mail marketing by AB packet test

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