Now many people shop in Taobao

, and the agent of the more, a lot of Taobao is the agent of the owner, especially women’s agency even more people, but many of the agents do after a period of time will find themselves not earn money, sometimes lose money, you should sell goods to others can survive on Taobao


we see now most of the agents are how to do, get in there from the network data packet to distributors, many Taobao dispensers do is directly to the data packet which products to upload to their shop inside, then what is the matter, behoove the thought he had set up shop and there are products waiting for business door. This approach can be said that the vast majority of agents did not earn money, the main reason, that is, as useless, or do not know how to do.

then as a proxy, what we need to do is very much, but than their purchase need to do a lot, the same is needed, shop decoration, promotion, etc.. But you need to edit the data package, a lot of people get the packet know what should be modified? It will directly upload here, say a few things down after getting packets from the network distributors must do.

The first

is to modify the price of the product, we analyze a lot of network world top network distributors, they provide the data packets are basically very low prices, some agency price, some give you a few dollars profit, if you do not modify the price, so even if we sell out of the product, so can earn money is very small, there should modify the price, usually the increase is more than 30%, to ensure that they sell every piece of clothing you can earn money.

and many agents early in the big reason is that put up the shutters, do not make money, and the reason is not making money is often worried about the price high, you can not sell it, in fact, this is not to worry, a good general network of distributors to give you the price is the lowest, under normal circumstances can increase the amplitude is large, basically can do to the profits of more than 30%. If you don’t Gardner, so close is sooner or later, the reason is very simple is no profit.

second is to change the baby name, a network of distributors is impossible only one agent, and packets are public, if you do not modify the baby names, then 100% and other agents to form the price competition, and now Taobao buyers each purchase products will be a number of search. Right, to find a relatively low price to buy, this time if you are new, and the shop popularity is not high, so it is easy to lose the customer, is to do the Taobao agent for baby names must be modified. This is something that must be done.

another one needs to be repaired

How to act as an agent to survive in Taobao

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