Confusion as Italy prepares to ease lockdown

first_imgItaly was spending its last day in total lockdown Sunday, but the partial easing of strict coronavirus measures after a two-month shutdown was causing anxiety and confusion rather than elation.Across the country, attempts to make plans for the first day of freedom were hampered by uncertainty over the rules. The government has a list of permitted activities, but regions are also making up their own regulations.”I’m hoping this morning’s paper will clear it up. I want to take my old mum to the seaside, can I?” asked 53-year old cleaner Pietro Garlanti as he queued patiently in the sun at a kiosk in the capital’s historic center. “We’ve been waiting with longing for May 4, but now it’s finally arrived it’s a letdown. Until they tell me I’m really free, I’ll feel paranoid, like I’m breaking the rules in some way,” 37-year old Michele Magna told AFP. ‘Extremely worried’ Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte further puzzled many by telling Italians visits with “congiunti” were allowed.The Italian word can mean either relatives or kinsmen. He then attempted to clarify by saying that extended to people who had “relationships of steady affection”. The government was forced Saturday to publish a Q&A that specified people could see extended relatives — including, for example, the children of their cousins — but friends, however dear, were out of bounds.Teacher Alessandra Coletti thought the confusion would be used “as an excuse by many for a sort of free- for-all”.The government hopes easing the coronavirus lockdown, the longest in the world, will reboot a crippled economy.There were further encouraging signs Sunday that the pandemic had been brought under control. Italy reported 174 new coronavirus deaths, its lowest toll since the stay-at-home orders were imposed on March 10.But Conte has warned he will be watching closely to see if the virus flares up again, and is ready to enforce localized lockdowns if necessary to stop the return of a pandemic, which has claimed nearly 29,000 lives.”I’m extremely worried about the reopening, I don’t trust people to act responsibly,” said salesman Tiziano Mazzoli.Father Duilio Diligente, 38, said he was concerned about how children such as his eight-year old would re-adjust.”We were out on our bikes last night in an empty square, when he suddenly swerved massively to avoid a man and his dog, and fell off. He said he was afraid of going near them in case they had the virus,” he said.”It’s going to take time for us to be really, psychologically ready for the end of the lockdown.” In this first stage, Italy’s 60 million inhabitants will be able to move more freely within their own regions, visiting relatives, going to re-opened parks with their children and cycling or running further from home.None of that can be done in groups, however, so big family lunches are forbidden. Going to holiday homes is not allowed. And people cannot leave their own regions, except for emergencies or for health reasons.Italy’s 20 regions, however, have put their own spin on the rules. Two of them, Veneto and Calabria, even lifted their lockdowns early, opening to bars and restaurants with outdoor tables this week.Liguria is thinking about letting people go sailing in small groups, and is reopening its beaches. So is the Marghe region, but for walks not sunbathing. Emilia-Romagna is keeping them closed, even to those who live by the sea. Topics :last_img read more

Coronavirus records in Florida, Texas and California erode hopes of economic revival

first_imgFlorida on Thursday announced nearly 9,000 new cases and 120 new coronavirus deaths, a record daily increase in lives lost. California and Texas, the most populous states, announced record increases in COVID deaths on Wednesday.The surge is making some Americans hesitant to return to public spaces and patronize businesses despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to downplay the risks.Stephanie Porta, 41, a lifelong resident of Orlando, Florida, said only about half the people at her grocery store wore masks but that was an improvement from two weeks ago.”They’re trying to make everything seem normal, when it’s not. People are dying, people are getting sick. It’s insane,” she said. “A lot of people are taking notice. But so many are being fed the message that everything is normal. If they’re smart, they’re scared.” The increasing COVID cases weighed on the stock market with the Dow and S&P 500 each down over 1% on investor worries the nation could face another lockdown to contain the surge.Governors in California, Florida and Texas have either ruled out ordering most businesses to close and residents to stay home or said it would be a last resort. So far closures have been limited to bars, beaches and a few other types of businesses.Extraordinarily high jobless figures on Thursday compounded the gloom from worsening coronavirus trends. Investors initially cheered a drop in the number of people newly filing for unemployment benefits because the total was lower than economists had forecast.But that news was quickly overshadowed by the record number of people collecting unemployment checks — 32.9 million — in the period. Although initial unemployment claims have gradually fallen from a late March peak, they remain roughly double their highest point during the 2007-09 Great Recession.”Don’t be fooled, the economy’s troubles aren’t over yet, not by a long shot,” said Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG in New York.With coronavirus cases rising in 41 of the 50 US states over the past two weeks, according to a Reuters analysis, many states have had to halt and roll back plans to reopen businesses and lift restrictions.Earlier this week, Trump criticized his health agency’s recommendations for reopening schools in the fall as too expensive and impractical, insisting that all schools must open for classroom instruction. Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would issue a “new set of tools” next week.Many Americans cannot return to work if schools do not open for in-person learning, as they are a major source of childcare in the country.The CDC’s director, Robert Redfield, on Thursday defended the guidelines but gave no details on what the CDC was changing.”It’s not a revision of the guidelines. It’s just to provide additional information to help the schools be able to use the guidance that we put forward,” he told ABC’s “Good Morning America” program.Topics : Record-breaking coronavirus cases and deaths in several US states are dimming hopes of economic recovery, with cellphone data showing shoppers are staying away from stores in areas where cases are rising the most.In Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, which were among the first states to reopen commerce in May, retail foot traffic now lags levels elsewhere, data firm Unacast said.More than 60,000 new COVID-19 infections were reported on Wednesday, the greatest single-day tally of cases by any country since the virus emerged late last year in China. US deaths rose by more than 900 for the second straight day.last_img read more

Gov. Wolf Highlights Pennsylvania’s Opioid Response to New Governors at National Summit

first_imgGov. Wolf Highlights Pennsylvania’s Opioid Response to New Governors at National Summit SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Press Release,  Public Health,  Substance Use Disorder Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today was a featured participant at the National Governors Association’s (NGA) Opioid Summit for New Administrations in Washington, D.C., presenting Pennsylvania’s efforts to address the opioid crisis in a 45-minute question-and-answer session with NGA CEO Scott Pattison, participating governors and reporters. Pennsylvania’s response has been hailed as a national model by the American Medical Association.“It was an honor to be asked to present the details of what Pennsylvania is doing to battle the opioid crisis and share our successes and strategies with my fellow governors,” Gov. Wolf said. “While there is still a lot of work to do, Pennsylvania is beginning to see positive results of the efforts of state agencies and organizations working together on fighting the opioid crisis at every level. As every state continues to struggle with this crisis, I hope this conversation was just the beginning of more collaboration between states.”Since Gov. Wolf took office, his administration has been fighting the opioid epidemic with a multi-pronged approach, focused on multiple initiatives. Here’s what Gov. Wolf has done:• Expanded Medicaid in 2015 so now more than 125,000 Pennsylvania Medicaid recipients are receiving treatment for substance use disorder.• Signed a statewide disaster declaration to enhance state response, increase access to treatment and save lives. The Opioid Operational Command Center is the hub of activity for coordinating the fight against this health crisis.• Implemented 45 Centers of Excellence to provide whole-person-centered care for people suffering from substance use disorder. To date, more than 11,000 people are receiving care in their communities thanks to the Centers of Excellence.• Expanded the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to practically eliminate doctor-shopping for opioids and reduce the number of prescriptions written for these medications.• Equipped first responders with live-saving naloxone to reverse overdoses. To date emergency medical service providers have administered 18,560 doses of naloxone, leaving behind 657 doses.• Added non-fatal overdoses and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) as reportable conditions. So far, hospitals and birthing centers have reported 2,359 cases of neonatal abstinence syndrome in newborns so that state efforts can focus on the epidemic’s youngest sufferers.• Waived more than 1,500 birth certificate fees for patients to get into treatment.• Connected more than 5,000 people to treatment after an overdose via the warm handoff program.• Provided a direct connection to treatment for 45 percent of the callers to the 24/7 Get Help Now helpline. Since 2014 the helpline has received more than 40,000 calls looking for information or to connect someone with a local treatment provider.• Collected and destroyed more than 269 tons of drugs from the more than 800 drug take-back boxes across the commonwealth.• Awarded $15 million in housing grants to help individuals overcome barriers to treatment and recovery.The NGA Opioid Summit is a two-day meeting in Washington, D.C. that is bringing together health and public safety leaders from 33 states and territories to discuss best practices and learn from other state and national experts.The summit is designed to support states that are pursuing a coordinated and effective response to the opioid epidemic. Discussions are focused on best practices for prevention, treatment and recovery, as well as funding and governance structures to support state efforts.Learn more about how Pennsylvania is fighting the opioid crisis here.center_img April 08, 2019last_img read more

​Sampension’s bond insourcing move helps fund dodge reputation pitfall

first_imgJesper Nørgaard, SampensionNørgaard emphasised that Sampension had not blacklisted these issuing states, and at some other point might have decided to invest in these bonds.“But maybe there is a correlation between the assessment of human rights and the future financial risk associated with the position,” he added.Another factor, he said, is that when bond managers see that an issuing country is in the yellow zone, they know its bonds are in danger of moving into the red zone, which would mean a forced liquidation of that position.The possibility of a reputational fillip – such as the one gained in this particular case – did form part of Sampension’s decision making in bringing its EM bonds in house.“The main reason was to bring down costs, then secondly, we would have better control of the mandate and the risk and perception of risk,” Nørgaard said.But he added that because EM bonds only form a small part of Sampension’s overall portfolio, the pension fund is under less pressure than some investors to include a wide spread of issuers in the allocation.Sampension, which chose not to participate in the recent listing of oil giant Saudi Aramco because of conditions in Saudi Arabia, said it is now stepping up its ESG data capabilities.Alongside Freedom House and Vigeo Eiris, the pension fund said it would in future receive more analytical help from data firm ISS ESG. The 19 countries include several smaller emerging markets but also China and Russia.The criteria used in Matter’s assessment included “authoritarian state,” “child labour” as well as “state corruption” and “regulatory quality”.While Sampension’s own bond managers handle most investment assessments themselves, the fund said many other pension companies outsource this task.Explaining how the decision not to invest in the countries in question came about, Nørgaard said the country assessments from the US non-governmental organisation Freedom House – which Sampension refers to in its bond selection – categorise sovereign issuers as red, yellow or green.“People tend to agree on the red, so these bonds are out of the portfolio, but the big question is what to do about those marked yellow, or investable,” said Nørgaard.“Our manager, Simon Hinrichsen, had to make a decision based on the risk-return tradeoff, and it so happened that he decided not to invest in all those marked yellow,” he said.“Those sovereign issuers on the edge are definitely investable, but there is a high correlation between the ‘yellow’ market and the potential risk in the positions,” he said. A recent move by Danish labour-market pension fund Sampension to bring emerging markets debt management in house has produced a reputational benefit for the fund domestically by keeping it free of exposure to 19 governments singled out as having questionable human rights records.Copenhagen-based Sampension said it was found in an article in financial daily Børsen last week to be the only big Danish pension fund without holdings in 19 states marked as problematic by sustainability screening company Matter from an investment point of view, for human rights and other reasons.Commenting on the “top ranking” in the article, Sampension said it came down to a recent insourcing.Deputy CIO Jesper Nørgaard told IPE: “We decided in the autumn of 2019 that we would take our emerging markets mandates home, and it had the effect of improving our ESG profile – that is what comes out of this story.”last_img read more

Why anorexia nervosa is similar to gender dysphoria

first_imgAnorexia nervosa is another disorder characterized by a distortion of body image. However, in contrast to the transgendered, who are aided in acting out a delusion with hormones and “sex-reassignment,” people with a morbid and unrealistic perception of themselves as being obese or too heavy are not put on weight-reducing diets. Rather, anorexia is diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder and treated appropriately with psychotherapy.Anorexia and “gender dysphoria” are among the many manifestations of psychological conflict that may occur during the “identity crisis” of adolescence, an important developmental milestone in identity formation. It is a time of rapid physical changes and strong sexual urges. Gender confusion—the wish to be the opposite sex, or even to be no sex at all (non-gendered)—can simply be a young person’s temporary pause in resolving the conflict between the safety of secure parental attachments and the compelling but frightening urges of adult sexuality and autonomy.Asceticism—a renunciation of sexuality and sensual pleasures generally, in effect becoming asexual and anhedonic—is another coping device young people sometimes use. It is remarkably similar to gender dysphoria in its purpose of achieving a temporary respite from confusion about one’s emerging sexuality and anxiety about the demands of adulthood.The vast majority of such defense mechanisms are transient, useful when the storms of adolescence are most intense, but no longer necessary as a more stable sense of self emerges. (Most common perhaps is the adolescent idealization of celebrities. That many of these popular figures are androgynous illustrates the nature of these identifications as a respite from sexual and gender conflict.) Very few young people who diet severely become lifelong anorectics. Not many adolescent ascetics become cloistered monks. In contrast, some gender-dissatisfied youths are given hormones and even undergo sex- reassignment surgery. A transient developmental conflict is subjected to life-changing and sometimes irreversible treatment.Source: Psychiatry Professor: ‘Transgenderism’ Is Mass Hysteria Similar To 1980s-Era Junk ScienceRichard B. Corradi, M.D. is professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio. read more

Lady Bulldogs Tennis Team Conquer Knights

first_imgThe Batesville Lady Bulldogs defeated South Dearborn in tennis Thursday evening. The Lady Bulldogs won the varsity match by a score of 5-0 and the junior varsity 4-1.No. 1 singles: Lydia Olsen def. Shelbi Yoe 6-3, 6-0 No. 2 singles: Sarah Hoseus def. Carley Ochs 6-0, 6-1 No. 3 singles: Ally Ritter def. Brianna Johnson 6-0, 6-1No. 1 doubles: Brooke Bradford/Kelli Hartman def. Schmahl/Upton 6-1, 6-1 No. 2 doubles: Karsen Worthington/Macy Simon def. Barrett/Burress 6-1, 6-1Junior varsity match winners for the Lady Bulldogs included Erin Longstreth and the doubles teams of Anna Kick/Julia Hunter, Jenna Harmeyer/Alana Pinckley and Gabby Cooper/Longstreth.The Lady Bulldogs are now 5-0 on the season.Submitted by Batesville Coach Bryan Helvie.last_img read more

New cardiac monitors for Batesville Fire and Rescue thanks to foundation donations

first_imgBatesville, in. — Thanks to $40,000 from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, $5,000 from the Hillenbrand Foundation and $1,000 from Walmart Batesville Fire & Rescue has purchased three cardiac monitorsThe department’s existing monitors has become unserviceable and an upgrade was necessary.The new cardiac monitors will be placed in ambulances and are vital pieces of equipment for local first responders. In many cases, the cardiac monitors can mean the difference between life and death.last_img read more

Edwards’ massive Liverpool concerns on Sancho

first_img Loading… Liverpool look highly unlikely to move for Jadon Sancho this summer after it was reported they had two significant doubts about a deal. The 20-year-old has scored 17 goals and assisted 14 in the league this season. That impressive form has confirmed him as one of the best young players in Europe. That form has seen Sancho linked with a mega-money return to the Premier League, with Manchester United leading the charge. Links to Old Trafford have remained strong throughout the year, with the player said to have agreed terms. However, Liverpool continue to lurk in the background despite recently pulling out of a deal for Timo Werner, who was deemed too pricey. Reds manager Jurgen Klopp is a confirmed fan of Sancho, saying earlier this season: “He’s a very good player. “I have no clue where these kind of things [transfer rumours] are coming from. But it cannot come from us because we never speak about it.” Klopp was also questioned again about Sancho last month and did label him an “exceptional player”. Despite Klopp’s views on Sancho a Liverpool move for the player would come as a major surprise this summer.center_img According to the Daily Mail, the Reds sporting director Michael Edwards is wholly opposed to any Liverpool move for Sancho. As per the report, Edwards feels Sancho is overpriced at the £100m Borussia Dortmund are demanding and refusing to lower. Furthermore, Edwards is also said to have concerns about his off-field behaviour while at Signal Iduna Park. The 20-year-old has fallen foul of the Dortmund hierarchy on a number of occasions this season. In addition, Klopp and Edwards remain perfectly content with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. The form of those two means Sancho would be no guaranteed starter at Anfield. read also:Man Utd boost in Sancho’s transfer hunt Bild journalist Christian Falk says his fee could fall to €100m (£90m) though he sees any deal happening in 2021. He is also convinced United are the only side serious about signing him. He tweeted: “Because of many requests about @Sanchooo10 @bvb sees still no reason to sell the player this summer. “Exception: a club offers a transfer fee over 100 million euros @ManUtd”. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 last_img read more

Southern SportMod champ at Super Nationals added to Stephenville Starter awards program

first_imgSTEPHENVILLE, Texas – An IMCA marketing partner from the Lone Star State expands its awards presence this September at the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s.While returning for a third year as title sponsor of the Hobby Stock Race of Champions at Super Nationals, Stephenville Starter awards a starter to the champion of the inaugural main event for Southern SportMods at Boone Speedway.Modified, Stock Car, Hobby Stock and Northern SportMod champions also receive starters from the Stephenville manufacturer and eight-year IMCA sponsor.“Stephenville Starter has been a long-time supporter of the IMCA Hobby Stock division, and their partnership with the Race of Champions in Boone continues that tradition,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder commented. “Adding a starter for the Southern SportMod champion just adds another layer of value to that championship.”Ten drivers qualify for the Hobby Stock Race of Champions, to be held Sept. 10, and Stephenville Starter provides a portion of the purse.Information about Stephenville Starter-made products is available by calling 254 965-7890.last_img read more

Bowers is quickest at Springfield

first_imgThe caution-free 20-lap feature featured three-wide racing the entire distance.  Three different leaders swapped the top spot early before Bowers sliced through the pack   SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (June 20) – Steven Bowers Jr. made his Saturday night trip to the Quick Quar­ter of the Springfield Raceway worthwhile as he charged from the 10th starting spot and took the lead at the half way point to become the fourth different IMCA Modified feature winner in four races so far this season. IMCA Modified action presented by Bad Boy Mowers continues Saturday, June 27 with racing to start at 7 p.m. Following Bowers to the line and for the second week in a row in the runner-up spot was Dillion McCowan, week two winner Trevor Drake, Jody Tillman and early leader Shannon Anastopolos were next. last_img read more