This Weeks Best YouTube Videos Brick Thieves Ringing in the New Year

first_img‘Happy Feet’ Penguin Spotted In Real Life (VIDEO) The mustache of our primary character here is more than enough reason to watch this video. I mean really, I don’t think I could pull that off. Still, this 2 minute video is a great stop-motion tribute to all things Lego, and if you had Lego bricks as a child  (or as an adult) you’ll appreciate it. The music is whimsical, the stop-moiton effects are fun to watch, and before you know it the song will be in your head and there’ll be a smile on your face. When it snowed across North America a couple of weeks ago, it’s natural to expect that people would run out, grab some sleds or other flat objects they could ride on top of, and hit the slopes. It’s also natural to expect some loving pet owners would take their companions with them to play in the snow. What isn’t quite as natural is this dog who very well may be brighter than his or her owner, or at least more opportunistic. London Fireworks on New Year’s Day 2011 – New Year Live – BBC One Homeless Man, Golden Voice It’s the first weekend of the new year, and some of the best videos on YouTube this week had to do with the New Year – celebrations around the world, festivities near and far, and in particular the fireworks display in the skies over London were particularly amazing – they give new (or perhaps restore) meaning to the word “epic.” Aside from ringing in the New Year, this week saw the release of a fantastic short film all about Lego, a dog that wasn’t about to waste an opportunity to go sledding, and a very happy penguin. Thank goodness for the Brits. Seriously, while mot of us had piddly little 5 minute fireworks displays to celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 with, in London they went all out with the 10 minute display of dazzling lights and sounds, complete with beautiful explosions towering over the city to a pretty awesome soundtrack.If you stayed in on New Years Eve and watched the ball drop on television or fell asleep before midnight, you owe it to yourself to make up for it by watching this through to the end. The Brick Thief: A LEGO Short Film Originally spotted over at The Huffington Post, this…is a very happy penguin. Very very happy. And while he’s certainly adorable and the video is pretty old, it’s managed to rack up over 600,000 views in the past week because everyone’s got a soft spot for dancing penguins, myself included. Even so, the best thing about the video may not be the penguin himself, but the “what is even happening” looks everyone else has on their little beaked faces. Relax guys, he’s just getting his groove on. Ted Williams has an amazing voice – something out of old time radio days, or movie ads on television.  His voice is so distinctive that he’s been offered several jobs, interviewed by multiple national TV networks, and videos of him speaking have gone viral on the internet. All of this wouldn’t be quite so remarkable if you didn’t realize that Ted Williams is homeless and was struggling to get by before videos of him appeared on the Web. In this CBS interview, Williams tells his incredible story – it’s a heartwarming tale. Dog Sled (Cute Win or Fail?)last_img read more

Facebook cofounder selling 10M shares worth 300 million

first_imgWith a company potentially worth 50 billion dollars, news that one of the Facebook co-founders is looking to sell 10 million of their shares has left investors at Wall Street a little baffled.It is a little strange that a co-founder would want to give up such a large portion of his stake in what is one of the most successful companies in the world, but at this stage we do not know which co-founder is interested in selling. However, the choices are pretty simple really as it can only be whittled down to four individuals: CEO Mark Zuckerberg, co-founders Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz or Eduardo Saverin.AdChoices广告A sale of 10 million shares would only represent about a half of 1 percent in the company anyway, but it would still bring to the table a small fortune to whoever sold them. Currently each share is worth $30, so by doing some basic math’s the result would amount to a cool $300 million.At the moment Facebook co-founder shares have no restrictions on transfer, but the company last year implemented a new rule that can affect sales of future shares, thus limiting their transferability. So this could be why one of the co-founders is selling out his shares now, or maybe he sees something coming we do not know about, but either way it should not be long before the person is named and an explanation will follow we are sure.Read more at the NewYork Postlast_img read more

US Copyright Group suing 23000 BitTorrent downloaders

first_imgIf you’re a BitTorrent user and you’ve illegally downloaded the 2010 action flick The Expendables, you may be receiving word soon from the U.S. Copyright Group that you’re being sued. There are thought to be over 23,000 BitTorrent users who have been caught pirating the movie.The pirates were found thanks to permission from a federal judge to subpoena Internet service providers to find the identities of the illegal downloaders. Each person that’s notified may face up to a $150,000 fine, but most settlements usually end up being around $3,000. Still, $3,000 for a movie that got a 41-percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, is quite a lot to pay. Okay, so the movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but still, I wouldn’t want to pay that much money for it.AdChoices广告When Thomas Dunlap, the head of the Copyright Group in Washington, D.C., first started the court case in February, he had 6,500 IP addresses. As of last Wednesday, he had 23,322. That’s quite the increase in number in just a few months. Now that the Copyright Group has the subpoena, that number could grow even more.But this 23,000-strong case is nothing compared to the over 140,000 BitTorrent users facing lawsuits in the U.S. for pirating files. Most of the files are porn or B-list films. Since film companies can make so much money off of these types of cases, some have apparently started paying people to troll BitTorrent sites and find the IP addresses of people who are sharing.Let this be a lesson to our readers that film companies are cracking down even more. Since it’s become a form of profit, companies aren’t just sitting idly by anymore; they’re actively looking for ways to make money. And whereas you’re thinking you’re saving a few bucks by pirating a movie, the company is thinking how many thousands of dollars it can get out of you for the same thing.However, as we saw a few weeks ago with the case of the wrongly-accused child pornographer, accusing someone of an illegal activity solely from their IP address is not always accurate. If the Copyright Group is spending enough resources to ensure they have the right offender, you know the fee won’t be anything to sneeze at.Read more at Wired, photo via All Accesslast_img read more

HP TouchPad 7inch tablet due this August

first_imgIn just a few days, HP’s first TouchPad units will be showing off their webOS sexiness on retail shelves across the U.S. — and then heading quickly to the U.K., Ireland, France, and Germany. Canadians (yours truly included) will be able to pick up their 9.7″ slabs on July 15th.HP has done a good job so far of building buzz for the TouchPad, and demo units have already arrived at some U.S. Walmart stores. And I’m not talking about cheesy dummy units, either — HP’s loaned out fully-functional TouchPads so that customers can get a little hands-on time with webOS and see what it’s all about.AdChoices广告As slick as the TouchPad looks, some prospective tablet owners might think that a (roughly) 10-inch tablet is a bit too bulky. There aren’t many options out there right now for smaller, full-fledged tablets. e-Reader options abound (like the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo), but apart from the HTC Flyer and BlackBerry PlayBook there isn’t much to choose from in the 7 or 8-inch range.That could very well change later this summer, according to a report from Taiwan Economic News. In addition to reporting that Taiwan’s Inventec will be churning out nearly half a million TouchPads per month for HP, the posting revealed that there’s a more diminutive, 7-inch TouchPad due out in August. No hardware specifications were revealed, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this smaller model sporting internals that are virtually identical to those of its big brother — like a dual core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and front and rear cameras.HP announced back in February of 2011 that it planned to offer webOS in small (Veer), medium (Pre 3), and large (TouchPad) form factors. I suppose that pegs the new 7-inch TouchPad as extra-medium.More at BGR and Cens.comlast_img read more

New MacBook Air SSDs are not soldered in place

first_imgWhen a new product comes out and someone–usually iFixit–tears it down, there is almost always something interesting revealed. Sure, the pictures are great and we appreciate someone being bold enough to rip apart a brand new gadget, but a thorough check under the hood of any new laptop, media player, or mobile phone will always teach us a thing or two that the manufacturer didn’t mention on the side of the box. Today we learned something interesting about Apple’s new (Summer 2011 or ThunderBolt) MacBook Air: the SSD is not soldered to the logic board.In the previous generation of 11.6- and 13-inch Airs the RAM was not user serviceable. Apple had, for some reason, soldered it in place, meaning that without an extensive operation it could not be upgraded. On the 2011 Air, which went on sale two days ago, the memory is still not removable but the SSD stick can be swapped out, just like on the older model.This finding runs counter to rumors from earlier this month that said the unit would be permanently affixed to the motherboard. This would be an extension of Apple’s practice of soldering in the RAM, but a change from what we saw on the 2010 MacBook Air there the SSD was upgradeable. When the rumor broke a number of people spoke out about it, noting that the practice was against the consumer’s best interests and how Apple’s offerings would, in all likelihood, not be able to match aftermarket ones which were not limited by pricing and unit availability.Mac components reseller OWC currently offers MacBook Air compatible Mercury Aura Pro SSDs up to 480GB ($1400), while Apple currently only offers up to 256GB.The SSD news was the most interesting reveal in the teardown. The 2011 MacBook Airs are largely similar to the 2010 models aside from the upgraded Intel processors and the addition of a ThunderBolt port.iFixit via tuawlast_img read more

Amped Wireless latest routers can bathe a 10000 square foot home in

first_imgFor those of you who have homes that should be featured on a future episode of MTV’s Cribs or a very large office and are experiencing WiFi dead zones, a new router from Amped Wireless might the solution you are looking for. Known for its line of high-powered outdoor WiFi devices, Amped is now looking to bring its muscle indoors by offering four new amplified devices capable of blanketing large areas with signal to the internet.At the core of Amped’s new indoor system is the R10000G, a high-power WiFi-n gigabit-capable router that the company is claiming has a range of 10,000 square feet and has the ability to penetrate both indoor and outdoor walls. If that still doesn’t cover your property or small office building, then you can purchase the companion SR2000G SR10000 wireless repeater to give you yet another 10,000 square feet of coverage. The SR2000G SR10000 connects wirelessly to your router and amplifies the signal giving your home network extra reach. Both devices are going to retail at $180 with the router becoming available at the end of this month and the repeater launching in April. For legacy laptop devices, or to boost your ability to pick up open hotspots while traveling, Amped has also announced the UA2000, a wireless-N USB adapter that is said to have twice the range of ordinary WiFi USB dongles via its 600mW amplifier and high-gain antenna. Perfect for those meetings that take place in coffee shops with poor signal quality.Amped Wireless is a company that specializes in pushing WiFi signal over long ranges. Although the company won’t specify exactly how far its outdoor routing devices can achieve, I have seen consumer claims saying they have gotten signal up to one mile away from their homes. Very impressive indeed at the price the company is asking. More at Ampedlast_img read more

Mindbending timelapse of the Milky Way is better than a Pink Floyd

first_imgIf you are looking for a video to relax you before bed, or something to watch while you are sitting back with your favorite adult beverage then take a look at Randy Halverson’s latest time-lapse of the Milky Way. Called “Temporal Distortion,” the video is another masterpiece from the Dakota-based photographer. Set to an original score created by Bear McCreary, (the composer of the music in Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead and Eureka) Temporal Distortion was shot mostly in South Dakota over a two month period using both a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 60D. The lenses used to capture the 30 second exposures were a Canon 16-35mm and Tokina 11-16mm, making for about $2000 worth equipment for just the optics alone. Halverson took thousands of images to create his piece of art, shooting in RAW format with his cameras on manual mode. For shots that required addition motion with complete stability, he used Dynamic Perception’s Stage Zero Dolly.There are a few things to look for in the video that Halverson has pointed out. At 0:53 and 2:17 into the video you can see some meteors that leave a tail of burning gases in the frame, as well as two deer that wandered into the shot at 1:27. Also make sure to take note of the aurora’s that he was able to get recorded while he was in Madison Wisconsin, they are breath-taking. The video on Vimeo is a small portion of the whole video that was produced. If you have twenty-three minutes to sit back and enjoy, you can actually buy a digital download at Havlerson’s site below. More at dakotalapse.comlast_img read more

Facebook profile email address switch isnt as evil as you think

first_imgYes, Facebook swapped the email address that’s shown on your profile page. Some are saying that the move was made to bolster the site’s email-to-messaging functionality, and that’s certainly a possibility since messages from folks who contact you using that address get their message delivered to your Facebook inbox. But even if that’s their only motivation in making the switch, the end result isn’t necessarily a bad thing.Why? Because there are hundreds of millions of Facebook users out there that don’t know the first thing about protecting their own privacy. By switching what’s shown by default on their profiles, Facebook is providing a decent first line of defense against spammers, scammers, and other ne’er-do-wells. It also keeps your real address hidden from sketchy, emotionally unstable ex-lovers.Beyond that, it certainly appears as though they’re informing users about the change. The banner above is what I was shown after visiting profile for the first time in ages, and it’s pretty clear what’s going on. There’s even a cheery, blue button at the ready should someone want to switch that address back. But since it’s generally considered a bad practice to list any real email addresses you use on sites like Facebook, why not use the one?Facebook has made some pretty big blunders in the past, but apart from complaints from some that they were “forced” to switch there’s not much of a downside this time around. The fact that they’ve actually taken a step to conceal a key piece of personal information is a good thing. It’s certainly more important, from a security standpoint,  than offering up six-month trials of antivirus software to users — a move that was met with applause and high-fives.last_img read more

How to use Googles search tools to get better results

first_imgGoogle Search is one of the most commonly used online tools. It’s so closely tied to daily web browsing that many people barely think about it. But even though you’ve probably looked at the Google results page more times than you can count, there’s one powerful element of it that you might be missing.On the left sidebar, way down at the bottom, there’s a single line of text that says “Show search tools” — click it, and you’ll find a set of tragically underused options. The The search tools provide greater granularity over your queries, and can be invaluable when you’re trying to find something specific. Much like the humble keyboard shortcut, you’ll never use those options until you understand them, so let’s go down the list.Time rangeLimiting your query to a particular time range may seem simple enough, but it’s a great feature for two reasons. First, it lets you prevent your results from being too focused on recent events. For instance, if you search Microsoft Surface right now, you’ll mostly see posts related to the tablets announced last week. But if what you really wanted was articles about the company’s futuristic “Surface” coffee tables (now renamed Pixelsense) you could use a custom range to filter out all that recent news. The second, and even more powerful, aspect of the time filters is that they can be combined with the other tools — any one of the items below can also be restricted by time.Sites with imagesDon’t be fooled by the name, this tool is much more than just another way to search Google Images. Instead of a page full of pictures, Sites with images returns a list of links that are accompanied by up to 6 thumbnails from each page. It’s a good way to find galleries of a particular subject, or visually confirm that a page is what you’re looking for.Related searchesRelated searches won’t alter the normal set of results, but it will drop in a list of links to other things you might want to search. All in all, it’s probably not as useful as many of the other Search tools, but it could point you in a new direction you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.Visited/Not yet visitedThe Visited and Not yet visited filters are two of the handiest Search tools. Let’s say you found a really interesting article yesterday, but it was several pages deep in a list of results. Rather than simply checking the same query, then digging through all the links again, the Visited filter would show you only the pages you’ve been to before. If you knew when that article went up online, you could also employ a time filter to narrow it down even further.Not yet visited is the flip side of that coin, ensuring that you won’t have to sift through dozens of results you’ve already seen. It’s a good option to use if you’re looking for new information on a topic you’ve researched before.DictionaryThe Dictionary tool returns a full listing of definitions from various web sources. It’s the same thing you’d get by searching with the “define:” operator and then clicking the “More info” link — which is probably the faster and easier method.Reading levelThe Reading level tool is a bit of an oddball, but sorting results by Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary has it’s uses. The Advanced filter tends to make the biggest difference, bringing the most technical articles to the surface.PersonalIf you’ve got a Google+ account, you’ve probably noticed posts from your circles listed alongside regular search results. This tool lets you search only those personalized items, and nothing else.NearbyAbove the search tool list, you’ll see your auto-detected location; the Nearby option returns results relevant to that place. Take note that you can manually set your location to anywhere, should you want to see results for somewhere else.Translated foreign pagesLike Reading Level, this tool displays a short menu at the top of the page with various languages and how many translated results exist for your query. Click one of the result numbers to see them as search results.VerbatimGoogle Search is always trying to help out with spelling corrections, synonyms, similar terms, and other such improvements. But sometimes you know exactly what you want, and don’t need auto-correction messing with your terms. The Verbatim tool ensures that Google searches exactly what you typed, any nothing else.You may never find uses for all of the items under “Show search tools,” but there are probably at least a couple that can improve your queries from time to time. When doing serious research, a few are even invaluable — Verbatim, Reading Level, and Visited/Not yet visited are the real standouts.last_img read more

iPhone 5 rumors leaked parts give view into new phone

first_imgApple is renowned for its secrecy around the development and launch of new products, and always refuses to talk about what’s coming next. We don’t even know schedules for releases, we’re forced to rely on guesses based on what the company has done in the past, then waiting for the usual event invitations to go out.But for the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple calls the “new iPhone”) it seems Cupertino has failed at keeping the smartphone under wraps as we’ve now seen, or heard, about most of the major components included in the handset. It’s so bad in fact, that come launch day we could all be sitting there listening to Tim Cook tell us about a phone we already know quite intimately.Below is a rundown of what we have heard about the phone. None of this is confirmed, but it does paint a very detailed picture of what most people expect the handset to be.A 4-inch 16:9 displayThe display on the iPhone 5 has been a major talking point because it causes Apple a bit of a dilemma. Android handsets have been shipping with much larger displays than the iPhone 4S’s 3.5-inch part, and consumers like the extra screen real estate. So how does Apple fit a larger display into the iPhone 5 without changing the iconic look of the handset too significantly?The solution seems to be a 4-inch display, give or take a little, that has a 16:9 aspect ratio. We’ve even seen the supposed glass front of the phone.Using such a screen means Apple only has to make the phone slightly longer in order to make it fit. A 16:9 aspect ratio also means iOS 6 can have an extra row of icons and movie playback will occur without screen borders. The final resolution is expected to be 640 x 1136.Fully-assembled caseTo back up the claims that a larger, 16:9 display is going to be used, images of a fully assembled case appeared not long after the displays started appearing. Sure enough, it looks very similar to the iPhone 4S but is noticeably longer, yet slightly thinner. That ties in with the claims that the iPhone 5 will only be 7.9mm thick, as opposed to the 9.3mm of the iPhone 4S.Mini docking portCase leaks have also revealed another major change to the phone design: the dock connector. It has been redesigned to be smaller, which is sure to upset a lot of peripheral manufacturers and in the process get Apple lots of dock converter peripheral sales. What it does mean though, is Apple has more space to play with both on the case and inside the phone.There have been contradictory reports about whether Apple’s standard 30-pin connector will shift over to a 19-, 16, or even an 8-pin design, but the rumor mill is quite sure that a change is in the works.A smaller SIM card?A smaller dock connector isn’t the only way Apple is thought to be saving space inside the case. A new nano-SIM design was put forward by Apple and accepted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) months ago. It is 40% smaller than the current SIM cards we currently use in our phones, which means a major space saving inside a handset.With iPhone 5 case images suggesting the SIM card slot is smaller, it looks as though Apple is adopting the nano-SIM design for its next smartphone.A quad-core SoCThe iPhone 4S relies on a dual-core A5 system-on-a-chip, but with the apps and game engines targeting iOS becoming ever more detailed, that won’t cut it for the next generation iPhone. Whatever chip is selected also has to power that larger display and higher resolution Apple has selected to keep using the “Retina” tag.With that in mind it is expected that Apple will select, regardless of its legal fight, a Samsung Exynos quad-core processor to be at the heart of the iPhone 5. The Exynos 4 quad-core (4412) runs at 1.4GHz and uses the Mali-400 quad-core GPU, but Apple will probably ship with a tweaked chip to suit the iPhone.A 1440 mAh batteryA larger display, possible LTE radio, and a quad-core processor are going to burn through your battery life quicker than ever. And it looks as though Apple couldn’t keep the iPhone 5 battery under wraps either.Apparently the new battery will only be 10 mAh higher than the iPhone 4S at 1440 mAh. That’s surprising if it has to cope with a power-hungry chip and bigger display, but then Apple may have given up some battery life to keep the phone smaller, or iOS 6 and the Exynos chip have been optimized to the point where a larger battery isn’t required.If the predicted LTE capability is included with the iPhone 5, this could end up being a negative for the handset, and a smartphone that doesn’t last the whole day.Launching September 21So we know what the phone will look like and most of the components we’ll find inside, but what about when it will launch?Several sites have reported that September 12 is the day it will be announced and September 21 the actual launch date. The iPhone 4S launched on October 14, but that is no indicator of timeframe as the iPhones before that all launched in a June-July time slot.Is this really the new iPhone?Regardless of when the launch is, we could still find out yet more about the iPhone 5 in the run up to its release. Only yesterday images of the motherboard appeared on the web. All we need now is a shot of the packaging and someone booting up iOS 6 using the new phone on video, and the majority of the handset will have been shown off a month before launch.Of course, Apple may be snickering at all this attention knowing full well the iPhone 5 looks nothing like the images that are leaking. It could have a revolutionary design to wow us with come September, but is anyone really convinced that’s going to happen?last_img read more

Casascius Gorgeous physical Bitcoins that have real value

first_imgWith all the recent buzz about Bitcoin — being able to exchange them for Amazon gift cards, and the value of the cryptocurrency soaring to new heights — what might have gotten left out is that you can actually obtain a physical form of the crytpo-currency.Called the Casascius Bitcoin, each physical coin comes in different sizes and is made with different material depending on its value. The coins are made by one person not a government or governing body, so if you’re wondering what gives them actual value, it’s that each coin has a little card embedded inside that contains a Bitcoin wallet with the coin’s value — in BTC — in the account.If you are wondering about the origin of the term “Casascius,” it’s not particularly interesting — it’s Caldwell’s online handle and the name of his site.Created by Bitcoin enthusiast Mike Caldwell, the coins come in values of 1 BTC, 5 BTC, 10 BTC, and 25 BTC, and can only be paid for in Bitcoins. The 1 BTC coin is made of solid brass, has a diameter of about 1.125 inches, and weighs a quarter of an ounce, while the 5 BTC is the same size, but covered in nickel and slightly thicker.The 10 BTC coin is made of 0.999 fined silver, has a diameter of around 1.53 inches, and weighs in at a little over one ounce. This coin is obtainable in either in full silver or a silver version with a gold-plated Bitcoin symbol.Finally, the 25 BTC coin is electroplated with gold, has a diameter of 1.75 inches,  and weighs in at about 1.2 ounces. There’s also a 100 BTC bar — simulating the idea of a gold bar found in a fancy vault — which is electroplated with gold, weighs about 4.2 ounces, and measures in at 80mm x 40mm x 6mm.Currently, 1 BTC is worth about $92, but you can’t purchase a Casascius coin with US dollars, as Bitcoin is the only accepted form of payment.Each physical coin contains a private Bitcoin wallet embedded on a card inside, which can be accessed using an 8-digit code unique to each coin and printed on the outside. In order to redeem the BTC kept on the coin, you simply enter the physical coin’s 8-digit code into your Bitcoin client of choice. Considering the value of the Bitcoin is stored on the card embedded within the coin and not upheld by the coin itself, if you remove funds from the coin, your shiny 25 BTC coin won’t be worth 25 BTC anymore.Each Casascius Bitcoin is protected by a sturdy layer of holograms, which protects the 8-digit code, and is reportedly extremely difficult to tamper with unnoticed. If tampered with, the hologram is said to leave a very noticeable honeycomb pattern on the coin. Since Caldwell created the physical coins, he had access to the cards and the accounts on which the funds are stored. However, he claims that since he has given out his real-world identity, if he ripped you off you’d be able to easily find him and take legal action.Unfortunately, as of April 1 Caldwell had to cease direct orders of Casascius Bitcoins. Due to the sudden popularity of the currency, Caldwell felt unable to supply the market with his coins by himself, so now you can only obtain the physical coins through resellers, or through invites from Caldwell himself. However, if you trust auction sites, it’s easy enough to jump on eBay and find them. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY 25 BTC25 BTC1 BTC10 BTCCasasciusBitcoinBitcoinsBitcoinbitcoin2last_img read more

From Batarang to Mjolnir a look at the Nvidia Shield prototypes

first_imgThe Shield handheld was a completely new thought from Nvidia. They took their brand new hardware platform and decided to do something unique with it, ending up with a not-quite-pocketable gadget capable of some serious gaming. You may wonder how it is that Nvidia came to the final design of the hardware currently on store shelves, and thanks to Nvidia we now know.It started with a hand soldered design that was affectionately referred to as the Batarang, according to Nvidia’s Kevin Bruckert. A close examination of the board shows that this machine was indeed cobbled together by hand, with wires running along the top of the board and everything loosely in place.“Believe it or not, I actually played a few games on this” Bruckert explained as he showed off the hardware. It even still booted Android, though the battery wasn’t expected to last very long and the software was very far from the current official build. There was no touchscreen in this model, but the display had clearly already been shaped to match the design they were going for with the final product. The clever nickname comes from the shape of the main board itself, which does in fact resemble a batarang.The next iteration of this design was a little more polished, but still very much in pieces. By the second stage of the hardware design, Nvidia had discovered a problem. Initially, the plan was to have the Tegra 4 rest on the underside of the main board, with all of the buttons and speakers occupying space up top.It turns out this wasn’t a winning strategy, as some users would smash the buttons too hard and occasionally warp the main board in the process. The repeated flexing of the board would cause damage to the pins holding the Tegra 4 in place, which would cause the devices to fail after extended periods of heavy use. With that, the second batarang design was retired for a design that would allow the processor to live on the top side of the board.The rest of project Mjolnir (Shield’s project codename) is public knowledge. The casing for the Shield unit that was designed and demonstrated at CES was determined to be awkward and uncomfortable for most users, causing one last design change that is now the final revision and consumer version of the gaming platform.The reference device for this final design is a unique piece of hardware that is sprawled out on a metal rack that Nvidia calls the Spider. This unit has all of the same physical pieces as an off-the-shelf Shield unit, just stretched out for everyone to see.It’s quite impressive to see the process Nvidia went through in designing their game system. They clearly had several goals in mind with the design, and it seems to have taken them very few iterations in order to reach their final goal.The process from physical prototype to final design was likely many many steps, but the ability to test their hardware in such a disassembled state must have made it easier to figure out the best way to cram such a powerful device into the relatively small frame that is Shield. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Shield Batarang 1Shield Batarang 1SHIELD Batarang 2 topSHIELD Batarang 2SHIELD Batarang heatsinkSHIELD Batarang layoutSHIELD Batarang topSHIELD Batarang HeatsinkSHIELD CES PrototypeSHIELD Spider wiringSHIELD Spider topSHIELD Spiderlast_img read more

Trump appoints one of his fiercest critics as UN ambassador

first_img Nov 23rd 2016, 3:12 PM Statement from Gov. @nikkihaley:— Archive: Ambassador Nikki Haley (@AmbNikkiHaley) November 23, 2016 26,555 Views Trump appoints one of his fiercest critics as UN ambassador South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was fiercely critical of Trump’s failure to disavow white supremacists during the presidential campaign. Source: Nikki Haley/Twitter Wednesday 23 Nov 2016, 3:12 PM Former fierce criticHaley’s nomination comes after a divisive election campaign in which Trump harshly attacked Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, threatened a ban on Muslims and faced accusations of sexual harassment and assault from a series of women.She was fiercely critical of Trump during the campaign, calling him “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president” in February. She supported Senator Marco Rubio during the Republican primary race before endorsing Senator Ted Cruz.On the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries in March, she called Trump out for not repudiating the white supremacists backing his campaign, recalling the 2015 massacre of nine black churchgoers by a white supremacist gunman in Charleston, South Carolina.“I will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the KKK,” she said at the time.That is not a part of our party. That is not who we are.She also denounced Trump’s promise to ban Muslims from entering the United States as “un-American”.Trump called her “very, very weak” on immigration.However, Haley said she voted for Trump in the election, describing him as “a friend and supporter before he ran for president”. Source: Carolyn KasterForeign policy challengeA former state representative, Haley is the daughter of Sikh immigrants from India who ran a clothing business.She rose to prominence after the former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed her in a Republican primary during her campaign for governor in 2010, part of an effort to tap female candidates from the extreme-right Tea Party movement.She later won widespread praise for backing the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house after the 2015 killings.The flag, which Haley had previously supported, is associated with slavery and opposition to civil rights reform.Haley faces a tough challenge at the United Nations during a time of international uncertainty over Trump’s promises to scale back Washington’s central role in global security.A veto-wielding member of the UN’s Security Council, the United States frequently clashes with Russia – another veto-holder in the council – over developments in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere.Although Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have praised each other, saying they want to improve relations, few foreign policy experts believe Moscow will ultimately end its opposition to US policy.Haley’s nomination must be confirmed by the US Senate.An official announcement from Trump’s transition team is expected later today.© – AFP, 2016Read: Northern Ireland and Wales to face disciplinary action over poppy displaysRead: No charges to be filed against Brad Pitt over mistreatment allegationscenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 35 Comments Short URL Nikki Haley Source: Cliff OwenDONALD TRUMP HAS announced that he will nominate South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican critic who once rebuked him for failing to disavow white supremacists, as US ambassador to the United Nations.An Asian-American with little previous foreign policy experience, Haley was the first woman to be picked for Trump’s cabinet, injecting a measure of diversity in a group that until now has consisted solely of white men.“Governor Haley has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country,” Trump said in a statement.She is also a proven dealmaker, and we look to be making plenty of deals. She will be a great leader representing us on the world stage.Trump’s transition team highlighted her travel abroad as governor to negotiate with international companies on behalf of her state.“The United States faces enormous challenges here at home and internationally, and I am honored that the President-elect has asked me to join his team,” Haley said in a statement, accepting the offer.The daughter of Indian immigrants, the 44-year-old politician is a rising star in the Republican Party’s right wing. She has been governor of South Carolina since 2011. Share73 Tweet Email By AFPlast_img read more

It will be as cold as minus six degrees in some areas

first_imgIt will be as cold as minus six degrees in some areas tonight Meanwhile a ‘yellow alert’ fog warning is in place for Ireland for between 10am and 6pm today. Friday 25 Nov 2016, 1:56 PM It will be very cold in the north and northwest with lowest temperatures falling to between -2 and -6 degrees with a severe frost and the risk of freezing fog. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL TEMPERATURES WILL DROP as low as minus six overnight, as the cold snap continues.And while a high pressure will dominate Irish weather for the next few days, bringing settled conditions, it’s likely to become milder next week.It will stay between 7 and 10 degrees today, according to Met Éireann, with the temperatures dropping and fog in some areas after nightfall.According to the latest forecast: Share153 Tweet Email1 Nov 25th 2016, 1:56 PM The Aurora Borealis may or may not be visible this evening from Ireland. Image: Shutterstock/Shin Okamotocenter_img Elsewhere lowest temperatures will be -2 to +2 degrees with frost away from coasts. Winds will be light variable or northerly but moderate northeasterly near southeast and south coasts preventing frost there.A ‘yellow alert’ fog warning is in place for Ireland for between 10am and 6pm today.Tomorrow, it will be cold and frosty to start with fog slowly clearing, but drizzle in some areas later.Saturday night won’t be as cold as recently, with a low of around zero. On Sunday, it will be between 7 and 10 degrees during the daytime. Patchy frost and fog is expected on Sunday night.Temperatures will recover a little at the start of next week, according to forecasters.Read: Regulations to crack down on Dublin rickshaw drivers could be on the way soon > Image: Shutterstock/Shin Okamoto By Daragh Brophy 40,368 Views The Aurora Borealis may or may not be visible this evening from Ireland. 24 Comments last_img read more

Where are the women Unconscious bias training planned to make Irish films

first_imgWhere are the women? Unconscious bias training planned to make Irish films more diverse It is being considered by the Irish Film Board. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Sunday 15 Jan 2017, 9:30 PM Image: Shutterstock/ChameleonsEye By Aoife Barry 13,988 Views Short URL Share104 Tweet Email3 Jan 15th 2017, 9:30 PM center_img …a bias that we are unaware of, and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick judgments and assessments of people and situations, influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences.In December 2015, the IFB launched a six-point plan on gender equality. It noted that from 2010 – 2015, figures show that: 21% had a female writer attached18% had a female director attached55% had a female producer attached.The board set itself the target of achieving 50/50 gender parity in funding over the next three years. In an effort to achieve this, it said it would be engaging with production companies about the target and also with organisations who provide training on the issue. Doona described this as a “hugely ambitious” target, noting that in Sweden it took 10 years to reach such a target.“We wanted to say to people we are really serious about this, we want to achieve it,” said Doona. She said that figures will be published shortly that will demonstrate an increase in the number of women submitting applications for funding for films since the plan was put into place.Doona also said that diversity goes beyond gender.Because we don’t have a lot of stories about Travellers, we don’t have a lot of stories about the black experience in Ireland, so really it’s to raise that whole idea of diversity and how those stories need to be central to the Irish film industry.Also speaking at the launch was producer Rebecca O’Flanagan – of The Stag and Handsome Devil – who said that in her own company, they had to reassess the gender balance of the projects they worked on.This involved “interrogating the fact that we actually had an incredibly bad track record in terms of the women writers and directors we were working with”.She said that this hadn’t been intentional, but was “something we had perhaps been able to self-justify with ‘well, this is just the talent coming in our direction”. O’Flanagan said that this is something that they have become a lot more proactive about, and they have a number of scripts they are now developing with female writers.“It’s not a tokenistic thing,” she added. “These were people who are incredibly talented.But it did take us approaching them because I do think we still have to get over the cultural thing that I think women are less likely to just put themselves forward and approach producers and say ‘this is a story that I am really passionate about telling’.”She added that “those things take a long time, scripts take a long time to develop” but that she hopes she will be able to speak about progress in the area next year.“It’s really good to hear people like Rebecca saying it made them say ‘oh my gosh do we have equal amounts, what are we doing about this’,” said Doona of the impact of the IFB’s plan.Building confidence Doona said that from her work at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Techonglogy (IADT) and with young students, she has learned “you’ve almost got to start right at the beginning with the confidence building”.“So it’s about role models, it’s about developing confidence, but it’s also about the structural factor, it’s about getting the studios and it’s good to hear people saying they’re doing that now, getting the production companies to think really carefully about it,” she said.Doona said that talented women are out there, but – echoing O’Flanagan’s points – “they need to be approached, they need to be recognised and we need to invest in them”.So it’s starting very young with education and training, but it’s also about saying to the producers, writers and existing directors to go out and find that talent because it is there.Awareness in Irish schools For Doona, awareness starts young. In her work with secondary school students, she discovered that students found their careers teachers didn’t even know where to direct them for training in the film industry.“When they say they want to do film [the teachers] say ‘oh, go and do film studies’, and when they say ‘no, I want to be a producer or an editor’, they don’t understand that well,” she said.There’s some work to be done to raise that awareness of the huge amount of jobs in the film industry with career guidance teachers, with teachers in school.She said that young girls also said that they have less confidence in dealing with the kit and equipment.“‘The guys take the kit’ is what they say, so that’s about staff making sure that they get equal access to the kit and it’s about mentoring those young women and encouraging them to take that role,” said Doona.She also said that boosting young women’s confidence in their abilities was a major part of progress – and includes taking their cues from how their male counterparts behave.“They are aware themselves that when the guys leave the guys will say ‘I’ve set up a production company’, which probably means they have a laptop in the corner of their bedroom, and the women are more likely to say ‘well I’m thinking about’ or ‘I’m going into’. So they are aware now they have to big it up, they have to say ‘yes, I am going to be a producer, yes I am working on this’. Don’t lie, but big it up.”Ireland has “taken a good stand” on the issue, according to Doona, but she hopes that “whatever new board comes in in a month or two’s time that they will pick up the gender agenda and run with it as well.”If not, the planning and work the outgoing board has put into the gender issue may fall by the wayside.Read: International marketing campaign on the way to entice more blockbusters to Ireland> Image: Shutterstock/ChameleonsEye 69 Comments UNCONSCIOUS BIAS TRAINING is being mooted as a way of making the Irish film industry more diverse.Annie Doona, outgoing chair of the Irish Film Board (IFB), told this week that members of the board have looked into the training not just for the board but for the wider industry.It comes after the IFB announced last year that it was to take major steps to address gender imbalance in Irish filmmaking, which came in the wake of the Waking the Feminists movement within the theatre industry. This week, Doona said that thanks to the board’s efforts there has been an increase in applications from female writers, directors and producers – but that progress has been “too slow”. She made the comments at the launch of the board’s 2017 slate of films.Speaking to, Doona explained more about the unconscious bias training.“We have talked a lot in the board – which is 50/50 male and female – we’ve talked a lot about unconscious bias and [Deputy Chief Executive] Teresa McGrane in particular has been talking to companies who deliver unconscious bias training and saying could we get those guys in to work not only with the film board, but with the industry.”The University of Warwick describes unconscious bias as: 16% of production funding applications came from projects with female writers attached14% came from projects with female directors attached36% came from projects with female producers attached.For projects which were completed productions in the same period:last_img read more

The behindthescenes machinations shaping the governments new alcohol laws

first_img The new Public Health (Alcohol) Bill has been under consideration by the government since late 2015 but has not yet been enacted. It is a far-reaching bill with new legislation on aspects such as minimum pricing, advertising and product labelling. Over the next few weeks, will look at different aspects of the bill, the sides for and against the measures, and the effect the bill will have.THE PUBLIC HEALTH (Alcohol) Bill was published by then-Minister for Health Leo Varadkar in December 2015.It has a wide-ranging set of measures designed to reduce the effects of alcohol-related harm in Ireland.An important aspect of the legislation relates to how alcohol can be advertised, both in shops and supermarkets, on billboards and at sporting events.While the Bill has cross party support, a number of changes were recommended after it was debated at committee stage. Politicians have also highlighted how a great deal of lobbying has been done by industry to try and amend other aspects before it gets signed into law.Advertising RestrictionsSome of the restrictions included in the bill relate to advertising in public spaces, at events and in media outlets.In terms of outdoor advertising, ads promoting an alcohol product would be prohibited in or on public service vehicles, at bus stops and in or at a train or bus station.Outdoor advertising within 200 metres of a school or playground will also be banned.At the committee stage (the third stage, after it has been debated in the Dáil), it was proposed that the following line was put in: “Advertising, indirect advertising and other sales promotion of an alcohol product is prohibited if it is carried out or aimed at the general public in public places.”It was also proposed that alcohol sponsorship of sport would be phased out by the end of 2023, and that sponsorship of any event which is particularly aimed at children is also banned.Another amendment tabled related to the broadcast watershed for alcohol advertising.Addressing the committee, Minister of State Marcella Corcoran Kennedy explained: “It states that advertisements for alcohol products cannot be broadcast on television before 9pm and that such advertisements cannot be broadcast on the radio other than between the hours of 10am and 3pm on weekdays.The watershed times have been agreed in consultation with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, which have the intelligence in this area.A spokesperson for Alcohol Action Ireland told that while advertising restrictions alone will not solve the public health crisis of alcohol in this country, all of the measures in the legislation “are designed to work together to help create an environment that supports or empowers people to make healthier choices in relation to their alcohol consumption”.Brewers, however, have claimed that the advertising restrictions proposed will effectively freeze them out from the majority of all outdoor advertising space in major cities in Ireland.The Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI) has a twofold argument, saying that the restrictions are “disproportionate” and that they won’t work. Source: Shutterstock/Alexandru NikaThe body, which represents brewers, distillers, brand owners and distributors in Ireland, has also warned that the move will have negative consequences across a variety of sectors, claiming the watershed rule will have “huge financial implications for domestic broadcasters” in terms of revenue.ABFI Director Ross Mac Mathúna said: “We would like to see the sensible implementation of the Bill, however the proposed measures are not fit for purpose and will result in unintended consequences.”Their figures claim that, of the 8261 advertising spots in Greater Dublin, Cork and Limerick, only 969 of these (11.7%) would be available to book for alcohol advertising under the provisions of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill.A spokesperson for Alcohol Action Ireland criticised a lack of evidence to substantiate this claim that 88% of outdoor advertisement space would be made unavailable under the new system.They also told that the alcohol industry was not “primarily concerned with ‘unintended consequences’ of this legislation, but the intended consequence” which would ultimately aim for a reduction in alcohol consumption.Alcohol marketing and childrenThe ABFI says that the restrictions on advertising will have little benefit on the issue of underage drinking.Countries such as France have banned advertising at sporting events and have implemented content restrictions on other alcohol-related advertising, but the ABFI argues that research on underage drinking in France show that these measures will not work in Ireland.Data published in 2013 did show that there was an increase in the number of underage drinkers consuming alcohol regularly in France, but this is not directly linked to advertising.Mac Mathúna said: “We are concerned about the proposed advertising restrictions given the lack of clear evidence that these measures will address the misuse of alcohol.Underage consumption [in Ireland] is declining.According to the recent ESPAD survey – a European-wide survey on alcohol use among teenagers – Ireland was found to be below average in terms of alcohol use in a number of categories, including regular consumption.One category, however, where Ireland did not perform so well in terms of how many teenagers had been drunk in the previous 30 days, and the average alcohol intake on the last day that they drank. Percentage of prevalence, Irish teenagers versus European average Source: ESPADThe Alcohol Action Ireland spokesperson said: “Children are continuously exposed to positive, risk-free images of alcohol and its use, which are far removed from the reality of the situation.Restricting advertisements for alcohol products to content about the nature of those products will mean that advertisements will be less likely to glamourise alcohol or make it appealing to children. By Sean Murray Source: Frances Black/Twitter 25,863 Views Sunday 5 Feb 2017, 7:10 AM The behind-the-scenes machinations shaping the government’s new alcohol laws The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill aims to impose restrictions on alcohol advertising in Ireland. Share Tweet Email1 Image: Shutterstock/SpeedKingz Independent Senator Frances Black Source: Niall Carson PA Archive/PA Images“We have to stop listening to the industries whose representatives are in here fighting against saving lives.”center_img 42 Comments Feb 5th 2017, 7:10 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Yesterday I highlighted the intense lobbying by the alcohol industry who are working hard 2 dilute the #AlcoholBill— Frances Black (@frances_black) November 18, 2016 Short URL Senator David Norris also drew attention to the issue. He said: “Multinational corporations have been carrying out extensive lobbying of Members of this House. Sometimes, they are clever in how they conceal their origins referring to ‘responsible drinkers’ and all of that rubbish.No one believes it. They have stopped lobbying me because I used to send material back and tell them that I did not believe them.Also speaking in the Seanad on the matter, Fine Gael senator Catherine Noone expressed her fears that the advertising industry would begin to lobby members to reduce to the effect the bill will have.She said: “My concern is that the advertising industry will start to lobby us to reduce the effect the Bill will have on its industry. The objective of the advertising measures contained in the Bill is to protect young people from exposure to alcohol marketing.If there is to be any reduction or removal of measures in the legislation, I hope it will not be a precedent for other industries to start lobbying us. I believe this is only the start of it.Section 20By law, lobbyists are required to register and disclose who they are lobbying and what they are lobbying them about.The register lists details of who has been lobbying politicians on a range of issues and, in the case of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, it is section 20 that has led to a great number of lobbying attempts.Section 20 concerns the “structural separation” of alcohol products for sale in shops and supermarkets.In practice, it will mean the erection of a physical barrier to separate alcohol from other products in shops.On the register of lobbyists, it can be seen that shop owners have been keen to get this part of the Bill amended in particular.Blue Silver Merchants ULC, trading as McInerney’s SuperValu Loughrea, published details on 17 January that they had phone three local TDs on the issue.The intended results of this lobbying was to “avoid the expenditure of €45,000 in our store in order to comply with proposed legislative changes to prevent alcohol from being visible to our customers”.A Centra store in Sligo held a meeting with three local TDs seeking the “elimination of the requirement for structural separation”.Other recorded instances of lobbying politicians on this piece of the legislation can be found here, here, and here.This issue almost caused a rift between Fine Gael and the Independent Alliance in November.The Bill instructs that alcohol must be separated from the other products on sale in the shop by a physical barrier, so that alcohol products and advertising are not readily visible to members of the public.Plans to force small retailers and corner shop owners to segregate alcohol products was a “step too far”, said the Independent Alliance.Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works Sean Canney described the section of the bill as “a retrograde step” and said it is simply “inoperable”.“Segregation like this will add nothing to the control of drinking. Drinking is an issue in this country and education about alcohol needs to start in the school.“I am fearful of the fact that this legislation could drive drink further underground and make drink an even less sociable pastime,” he said.Unlike other disagreements the Independent Alliance has had with Fine Gael in the past, this time they might actually have some support from government backbenchers.Corcoran-Kennedy briefed her party colleagues on the new bill at the parliamentary party meeting at a November meeting, where concerns were raised were also raised by Fine Gael TDs about the impacts it will have on small corner shops.At a previous parliamentary party meeting in October, there was a heated discussion about the new bill, with rural TDs raising the same concerns as members of the Independent Alliance.Many stated it would be a non-runner for their constituents.Next week, we’ll take a look at the issue of minimum pricing.Read: ‘His eyes were rolling in his head and there was froth coming out of his mouth’Read: New laws on the way to curb the spread of pubs and off licences Image: Shutterstock/SpeedKingz “Due to weak systems of industry self-regulation, children in Ireland are currently very poorly protected from these sophisticated and powerful influences on their expectations and behaviour in relation to alcohol.”According to research carried out at the Health Promotion Research Centre at NUI Galway, over 90% of children reported that they were exposed to traditional, or offline, alcohol advertisements in the week prior to the study being carried out.Dr Michal Molcho at NUI Galway said: “Given that these findings echo previous studies, coupled with the vulnerability of young people to alcohol, there is a clear need for immediate action on alcohol marketing regulation.”The ABFI, however, said: ”The drinks industry in Ireland abides, in the strictest manner, to all codes relating to advertising and marketing.”LobbyingAs amendments to the legislation were under review by members of the Seanad, several came forward to air their frustrations on the amount of lobbying taking place from industry on the matter.Independent Senator Frances Black told the House in November: “Is the Leader aware of the amount of lobbying by the alcohol industry on the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill? I am shocked by the amount of lobbying.I have seen it with my own eyes. I saw seven people from the industry standing around one Deputy in the coffee dock some days ago and I was absolutely horrified.last_img read more

How the Wax Museum is using Pokémon tech to bring Brendan Behan

first_img Mar 18th 2017, 9:30 PM Subscribe for more videos How the Wax Museum is using Pokémon tech to bring Brendan Behan to life Augmented Reality features will add an extra layer of experience at the attraction’s new home. Share Tweet Email2 Short URL 7 Comments THE WAXWORKS AT the Wax Museum’s new home will come out and talk to you.Not literally, of course. But Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality specialists have been brought in to help make the attraction more interactive and educational, as preparations continue for next month’s planned opening.The revamped museum has also been ‘gamified’: people can use their phones to follow clues and collect ‘treasure’, as they make their way around the exhibits.Speaking to at a media tour of the under-construction museum on Westmoreland Street this week, Eoghan Kidney of Antics VR said he tended to reference Pokémon Go when describing the new feature, as it was something a broad audience understood.Everyone has a screen in their pocket these days, Kidney said.“So we’re taking that hardware and offering visitors an app that they can install that, as they move through the museum, will give them an extra virtual layer of experience that hopefully will add more value to their visit.There’ll also be opportunities to look at pieces of video through the app. There’ll be loads of extra information. It will offer different languages so people from different countries can have a better experience.While the gaming features on offer in the museum will obviously be on a much smaller scale than Pokémon:They’re both augmented reality. They both use the camera on your phone and overlay digital 3D objects into the world that the camera sees.Kidney showed off two demo versions of the features that will be offered – including a virtual tour of the city, and an interactive Brendan Behan.The museum’s not quite finished – so you still have to use your imagination to a degree. A picture of the famous Dublin writer was standing in for his waxwork this week, Kidney explained, “because his head is still in a box in my office”.But the concept was clear as he demonstrated how it worked: hold your phone in front of the figure, and the writer’s floating head will appear on your phone, telling you more about his life and work.Kidney and his colleagues in Antics VR spent about two months on research and development before the elements that would be included in the new museum began to take shape, he explained.Initially, the attraction’s owner, Paddy Dunning, said he was interested in both VR and AR – but space restrictions at the new O’Connell Bridge-adjacent location meant that any potential VR projects had to be put on hold for the moment.“In future attractions, we’re looking at it.”Formerly located near the Black Church to the north of Parnell Square, the wax museum brand was taken over and relaunched by Dunning as the National Wax Museum Plus, near College Green, back in 2009. It vacated that property before Christmas, after the Irish Stock Exchange bought the building. Work continuing at the new Wax Museum on Wednesday. Source: Rollingnews.ieWhile some of the old 1980s and 1990s-era figures will be on view again on Westmoreland Street, the new attraction couldn’t be further removed from the old northside version of the museum, which was owned by former Fianna Fáil TD and Senator Donie Cassidy.In addition to the obligatory Chamber of Horrors, there’ll be a music room, an area dedicated to Irish myths and legends and displays dedicated to characters from The Simpsons, along with other fairytale and sci-fi inspired features. Downstairs, it’s planned, there’ll be several history areas covering everything from 1916 to the Good Friday Agreement. Star Wars features heavily too – and there’ll be an area dedicated to Father Ted.You’ll also be able to buy reproductions of the wax figures, if you have deep enough pockets. And, thanks to new 3D technology, there’ll even be an opportunity to replicate yourself (click here to take a look at our tour of the museum).Read: The Wax Museum is back (again) – just don’t call it a Wax Museum >Read: Dublin’s Wax Museum to close within two weeks after Stock Exchange court push > Source: By Daragh Brophy 8,561 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Saturday 18 Mar 2017, 9:30 PMlast_img read more

Mytaxi is changing its name to FREE NOW

first_img Short URL Friday 22 Feb 2019, 11:31 AM THE TAXI APP Mytaxi is to change its name to ‘FREE NOW’ later this year.The company emailed its customers today, informing them of the change. Mytaxi was called Hailo, and rebranded in 2017, spending €5 million on a huge ad campaign.In a statement to customers, Mytaxi/FREE NOW said:“The most important thing to remember is that there will be no change to the mytaxi service and app. We’ll still have the same app, the same local team and the same 5-star drivers – just with a new name later this year.”It said that the change was due to a merger between its majority shareholder Daimler and BMW. SHARE NOW, REACH NOW, PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are also a part of the “new brand family”, but none of these companies currently operate in Ireland.The company has included an FAQs section here to help answer its customers queries. Feb 22nd 2019, 11:31 AM 54,878 Views Mytaxi is changing its name to FREE NOW The taxi app formerly known as Hailo, currently called Mytaxi, is to rebrand to ‘FREE NOW’ later this year. Share29 Tweet Email3 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Gráinne Ní Aodha Source: mytaxi Ireland/Twitter We’ve exciting news 😍 We’re joining a new mobility brand family. This means we’re getting a new name and look, and will be changing our name to FREE NOW later this year. Check out more info #FREENOW— mytaxi Ireland (@mytaxi_ie) February 22, 2019 80 Comments last_img read more

Australian made Australian Grown logo on the rise

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram With demand for Australian made products on the rise, businesses are increasingly branding their wares with the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo. It brands your product as keeping Australians working.Managing Director of Slumbercare Bedding in Melbourne’s Oakleigh, Con Apostolidis, first registered his business with AMAG in 2004. Customers see the AMAG logo as important, Mr Apostolidis said. “It is important to people, just as imports started coming into Australia from Asia the AMAG logo identified us as an Australian made product, which made people feel confident in the product,” he told Neos Kosmos. Mr Apostolidis said he believes people are more confident in the AMAG brand because it shows national support. “It’s keeping Australians employed, it’s keeping the labour industry here in Australia,” he said. “People are probably noticing we’re losing a lot of work to the Asian companies, so to keep everything manufactured here is important,” Mr Apostolidis said. He said the AMAG logo is one of the most recognized logos and carries a positive connotation. “It brands your product as keeping Australians working,” he said. AMAG Chief Executive Ian Harrison says the campaign continues to grow in size and stature for the benefit of all Australians. “For almost 25 years the AMAG logo has been helping businesses, consumers, exports and Australia. “94 percent of consumers recognise it, and perhaps more importantly, 85 percent trust it over any other ‘country of origin identifier’ such as flags, maps and pictures of animals. “And it can now be found on over 10,000 great Aussie products,” Mr Harrison said. Mr Harrison said it is tremendous to see more and more businesses branding their products with the AMAG logo in order to help the majority of shoppers who have a clear preference for buying locally made and grown goods. 378 new businesses registered with the AMAG Campaign to use the famous green and gold symbol between 2009 and 2010. A further 1267 companies renewed their licence to continue branding their products as Australian, taking the total number of registered businesses to 1645.last_img read more

Boost brain power with seafood

first_imgIncreasing Omega 3 fatty acids in the diets of premature babies may improve their cognitive abilities later in life, according to an Australian study. The study has basically shown that by matching the dose of Omega 3 that the baby would normally get if still in the womb we can actually improve the developmental outcomes of those children at about 18 months from when they are due. Speaking at the International Seafood and Health Conference program in Melbourne this week, Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Adelaide, Maria Makrides, said an ongoing five-year study has found that Omega 3 fatty acids, found in fish, fish oils, breast milk and recently included in instant formula, help perform important functions in the brain. “It’s possible that by changing the way we feed the babies in the near-natal unit we can actually make significant improvements into their cognitive abilities,” Prof Makrides said. Omega 3 fatty acids are accumulated in the brain very actively during the last trimester of pregnancy, so premature babies that are born early and miss that last trimester basically need to get them from their diet, Prof Makrides told Neos Kosmos. “The study has basically shown that by matching the dose of Omega 3 that the baby would normally get if still in the womb we can actually improve the developmental outcomes of those children at about 18 months from when they are due,” she said. Conducted by the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, and the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, the study involved 657 babies all born at less than 33 weeks. It took about three years to recruit the babies and then involved following them all to 18 months after they were due to be born, Prof Makrides said. The study has just received funding to follow up the children until age seven, which is important because differences observed at seven years of age can be quite predictive of a child’s adult intelligence, Prof Makrides said. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more